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PCSNov 08, 20222 min read

5 Benefits of a Managed Services Provider Handling Your Tech - Part 1

1. 24/7 Technology Support

Technology emergencies can strike anyone, at any time. With an in-house IT team, someone is onsite ready to react… until they aren’t. In-house teams are typically composed of individuals with various specialties meaning that there’s always a chance an absence will result in a knowledge gap. Because of this, your organization survives at the mercy of sick and medical leaves, vacations, holidays, etc. In an emergency, this unreliability will reduce the response time of your business and negatively impact your customers.

By relying on a proven MSP, companies and non-profits have an experienced IT team monitoring operations and providing support 24/7. This on-demand management eliminates the worry of personnel gaps during vacations and sick leaves. As a result, your security is always intact, emergencies can be handled fast, and your systems can be running smoothly all the time — translating to higher customer satisfaction and revenue for your business.

For an even greater level of support service, organizations can choose a Managed Services leader like PCS which provides the option of LiveLine which is our 24/7 support service that guarantees a live person will answer the phone within 30 seconds. No bots, no long waits, just help when you need it any time of day or night. Learn more about PCS LiveLine here.

While we hope you found this information helpful, this is just the beginning of our discussion. Check back tomorrow when we will dive into the second topic in our 5 Benefits of Managed Services series: Range of Expertise.

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