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PCSNov 09, 20221 min read

5 Benefits of a Managed Services Provider Handling Your Tech - Part 2

2. Range of Expertise

When building a small, in-house team of IT technicians, it’s incredibly challenging to ensure that all your business technology bases are covered within the allotted hiring budget. Individual fields of expertise can range from Systems Administration, Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Virtualization topics, Office 365, and more. There’s no guarantee that a small IT team will fully encompass all your business needs.

As a result, management time must be dedicated to ensuring best practices are followed and regulatory compliance is achieved. Time and resources could be better spent focusing on business matters that drive revenue. Further, keeping an in-house team with knowledge gaps will eventually result in expensive interruptions and downtime when an issue arises outside their scope of expertise.

A professional MSP like PCS employs a wide range to technology experts which eliminates knowledge gaps and ensures every issue has a fast resolution. Consequently, business leaders can reduce supervision time to instead focus on completing tasks and achieving established goals.

Budgetarily, organizations receive a wider range of expertise by relying on a Managed Services team from PCS over the cost of maintaining internal employees. The technology experts at PCS are continually trained, cross-trained, and certified to ensure customers receive the highest quality service and experience.

Having a team with a wide range of experience at your disposal is one of the greatest benefits of partnering with PCS. Tomorrow, we will discuss the third topic in our 5 Benefits of Managed Services series: Flexibility and Adaptability.

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