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Critical Incident Response Team

Respond. Contain. Recover.


PCS Critical Incident Response Team

What is the PCS Critical Incident Response Team?

The PCS Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) of technicians and engineers are ready for short-duration recovery projects. Our team can be your boots on the ground, in-person or virtual, to augment your existing IT staff – day or night, every day of the year.

We offer services to help you when you need them most during your most vulnerable cybersecurity emergencies. 


Immediate Remote and Travel-Ready Incident Response

When a company is experiencing a data breach or a ransomware attack, waiting is not an option.

PCS Critical Incident Response team will immediately remote into your system at any time of day to start the process of retrieving data and recovering from the attack. 

PCS CIRT will also rapidly travel onsite to resolve your issues in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it be by car, or by plane, the PCS Critical Incident Response Team will make sure to be there to help you during your cyber emergency.

Incident Response Project Management

Our team of Incident Response Coordinators leverages their expertise and experience to manage recovery tasks and coordinate resources. Our team provides granular insight into recovery status through our customized incident tracker and interfaces with client leadership on executive update calls.

Scalable Team Size

Our team possesses a diverse and wide range of skill sets. Through efficient resource tasking, we ensure that the proper expertise is aligned with your incident. Our teams are scaled to provide the ideal number of engineers to efficiently remediate your incident.

Post-Breach Infrastructure Remediation and Restoration

When faced with an incident, IT teams are quickly overwhelmed and often face a situation unique and new to them. Remediating an incident is a time-intensive and laborious process. Our team of experienced engineers will augment your existing IT staff, allowing them to focus on their normal day-to-day activities while PCS leads the remediation effort.

Backup Assessment and Recovery

Backups are one of the most essential elements in any recovery. Threat actors commonly target backups to prevent recovery. Our team will investigate the state of your backups, determine their viability, and facilitate restorations to recover your critical data.

Active Directory, Exchange, and Hypervisor Recovery and Remediation

When remediating an incident, experience is vital. Our team is fully capable of remediating and restoring Active Directory services, restoring email connectivity and recovering mailboxes, and returning hypervisors and the servers that reside on them to working order.

EDR Deployment

The deployment of an Endpoint Detection and Response Tool is a critical first line of defense against further malicious activity. Using tried and true automated deployment methods, our team will work diligently to get your IT assets protected.

Impacted System and File Triage, Detection, and Mitigation

Identifying the magnitude of the impact of your incident is overwhelming. Our team will investigate the level of impact on your servers and files and remediate identified indicators of compromise.

Decryption Tool Experience and Automated Deployment

Decryption tools vary from one Threat Actor group to the next. Unfamiliarity with the challenges, parameters, and methods to run these tools can slow down recovery times. Having worked hundreds of incidents, our team is experienced and knowledgeable in various decryption tools, able to deploy them efficiently and effectively to restore access to your data.

HelpDesk Augmentation and Support Services

A helpdesk is equipped to support day-to-day user needs but is typically unable to support the entire user population calling in at the same time. A company-wide password reset effort is required as a response measure to almost every incident. Our team of experienced helpdesk technicians can be incorporated into your existing help desk process at scale to assist with guiding users through any tasks required of them during an incident.

Post-Incident Infrastructure Hardening and Improvement Recommendations

The steps taken after the remediation of an incident can be just an important as the incident response effort. More often than not, an incident will uncover improvements that must be made to the IT infrastructure to prevent a recurrence. Our team can help your IT staff work complete Active Directory hardening, email migrations, multi-factor authentication implementations, privileged access management configuration, and other measures necessary to strengthen your environment against future malicious attacks.