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PCSJan 06, 20231 min read

AWS Application Modernization with PCS

What is Application Modernization? 

To achieve the full benefit of migrating to the Cloud, you’ll want to make sure your applications are working efficiently in the new environment. Please note that just moving to the Cloud isn’t enough. True modernization means taking your current application environment (most likely, legacy and monolithic) and transforming it into something that is more agile, elastic, and highly available.
Doing so opens your organization to the full AWS advantages of:
  • Improved scalability
  • Performance enhancements
  • Security
  • Reliability
The application modernization process is continuous and incremental requiring the AWS-devised 3 phase approach: Assessment, Modernization, and Management. As your AWS Cloud partner, PCS will help you navigate this process for:
  • Making data-driven decisions to analyze legacy and Cloud workloads
  • Evaluating which processes to move to the Cloud
  • Integrating new functionalities such as serverless technologies and modern databases to support emerging technologies
When it comes to successfully transitioning your organization to AWS, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With PCS as your partner, your organization will receive the needed expertise and guidance for planning, migration, and management of this powerful new environment.
Contact us today to learn more about AWS and achieving its benefits across your organization. PCS is always on, always connected, your 24/7 technology partner.