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AWS Cloud Migration

Cloud migration moves a company’s various digital assets, services, applications, IT resources, and databases into the Cloud. This method also involves moving information from one Cloud to another.

Migrating to the Cloud increases agility, flexibility, innovation, cost reductions, and performance. One can simplify IT operations while better managing customer expectations.

Organizations will need to manage multiple challenges during the Cloud migration process.

  • Business Support: Buy-In from the stakeholders across the organization.
  • Dependencies: Resolve the critical infrastructure and application dependencies that your systems have.
  • Legacy Applications: Improving the existing applications.
  • Cloud Management: Creating a support plan after the migration process is complete.
  • Estimation: Complexity estimation and effort calculation is key

Steps to Migrate Your Business to Amazon Web Service

Cloud Migration can be life-changing for organizations, but the preparation before migration can often be overwhelming with multiple decisions and budgetary considerations. PCS is here to help guide businesses through the three Migration Phases: Assessment, Mobilization, and Migration & Modernization.

  • Assessment: We start with a detailed discovery session to understand the current layout of your system.
  • Mobilization:  We’ll identify any potential blockers, financial hurdles, or any knowledge or skill gaps that need to be addressed to ensure your team is set up for success before or after the Cloud migration.
  • Migrate: We’ll begin migrating your applications, ensuring that all applications have been tested. Once your applications are in the Cloud, we’ll optimize your AWS environment.

PCS Migration Solutions

PCS can help simplify the migration process from your current operation to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once migration is complete, companies running on the Cloud can manage and optimize the infrastructure for usage, cost, performance, and security which helps reduce complications and accelerates migration.

We take the time to understand your unique requirements in order to create a foundation for long-term success. At PCS, we have experience helping organizations through migrations with minimal interruptions.

Organizations can also face multiple challenges including having cost-effective tools, skilled engineers, and processes when trying to migrate quickly. We leverage our experienced technicians to help companies build to scale and avoid complications with a few simple steps:

Detailed Planning

We work and plan with you during migration to align your objectives with AWS best practices.

Build for Long Term

We work with you to create a long-term plan and goals for Cloud success to fit your needs.

Accelerate Migration

Delays in migration weaken the business case. PCS helps keep your migration on track.


We will help you understand licensing needs as well as alert you if any changes need to be made.