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PCS Nov 30, 2022 2 min read

6 Questions to Ask when Researching an IT Provider - Part 2

One of the most important questions to ask Managed Service Providers (MSP) involves response time. How quickly can you expect your IT partner to respond? How will response times differ for a relatively simple matter versus an IT emergency? When asking about response time, consider:

  • Helpdesk hours: It’s important to know when your partner’s helpdesk hours are to ensure your organization is being helped when you need it. Some helpdesks offer 24/7 support, while others work during set office hours. Think about the level of support your company needs. During the helpdesk’s working hours, how quickly can you expect to receive assistance? Will there be long wait times? Will open tickets sit unresolved for hours or days?

  • Emergency IT response time: Not all IT matters are urgent. Some issues can wait for days without materially impacting your business. But when an issue arises that needs immediate assistance, you want to know that your MSP partner will be there when you need it. Will they have 24/7 availability to help with the issue? Will the issue be resolved in a timely manner? If there is a data breach, how will your partner handle it? Knowing these answers will help you understand what your organization needs during those emergency instances.  

  • Response to Solution Timing: Once you connect with your IT support provider, how long will it take for their team to solve your problem? Rapid response time is of little value if it takes too long to deliver an effective outcome.

Knowing what your organization needs during working hours and even off-hours is important for deciding on the best MSP partner.  

When it comes to response time, PCS has you fully covered with friendly, trained professionals and the services required to ensure helpdesk response time with our 24/7 live support within 30 seconds.  

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Next, we'll discuss the third question to ask: What Services are Actually Covered by the Provider?