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PCSDec 01, 20222 min read

6 Questions to Ask when Researching an IT Provider - Part 3

Typically, organizations will already have a list of IT needs when researching solution providers. While more may be uncovered during a network evaluation, it’s important to understand your needs so you can ensure they are fully met by each provider you’re researching.

Some important support services include but are not limited to:

  • Helpdesk: Access to support services is crucial for employees to get answers and keep devices running smoothly so they can complete their tasks. To ensure work isn’t disrupted, helpdesk calls should be answered by a live person within 30 seconds 24/7.
  • Virtual CIO: A dedicated Virtual CIO is responsible for ensuring projects are completed and communication flows between teams. They will know the ins and outs of your business and can help technology adapt to changing goals and growth.
  • Data Protection: Your business’s data is a vital asset that needs to be protected. Find out how your provider handles data backup and protection. Having the right plan in place can save you from potential future business disruptions.
  • Network Monitoring: An organization’s network can span a large number of locations and devices. Regardless of the size of your network, it needs to be monitored and protected. Make inquiries into network monitoring services to catch and prevent intrusion.
  • Mobile Device and Server Management: Mobile devices are instrumental to daily life, and many employees access their company’s network via their phones, tablets, and/or home computers. Your IT provider should offer services like MDM and server management including updates and configuration.

This list highlights just some of the services an IT provider should offer. Please keep in mind that what isn’t offered by the provider is just as telling as what is offered. By this, we mean that a specific service absence or limitation may require you to perform those tasks in-house or work with another partner which honestly defeats the purpose of researching a single provider in the first place.

When it comes to IT services and support, PCS has you fully covered with friendly, trained professionals and the services required to ensure data backup and security, network reliability, and 24/7 live support within 30 seconds. We welcome you to contact us with your questions.

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