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PCSMar 30, 2023

Free 30-Minute Technology Consultation

At PCS, we understand that you don't want a hard sell or a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Managed IT Services and IT Helpdesk Support When you contact our friendly team, the first thing we do is learn more about you:

  • We listen to your pain points.
  • We ask about your current technology environment.
  • We discuss the goals you want to achieve.

We do this to ensure you receive your organization's right customer-first IT services. And we start this process with a free 30-minute technology consultation.

What is a free 30-minute technology consultation from PCS?

During the consultation call, an experienced PCS team member will contact you to learn about your current provider's management of your IT, including if they're proactive or reactive, your satisfaction with their response time, and the overall services they provide so we can understand gaps or limitations to their service offerings.

Some of the topics we'll discuss include Patching, Monitoring of backups, System health checkups, Security Solutions, Vendor management, License management, Cloud hosting, CCIO/VCIO, Service contact options (call, email, portal), Response times, Cyber insurance, Disaster recovery, Business continuity, and more.

We also understand that not everyone is a technology expert. Therefore, we'll take the time to explain IT jargon and answer all of your questions.

We often find that companies don't know what they don't know. By that, we mean an IT vendor may not do all they should to keep your network functioning accurately and securely. At PCS, we aim to provide you with the best IT service and support experience you've ever received.

We know technology is a tool that helps organizations run their business. We don’t just fix technology issues, but help organizations utilize their technology to run their business better and make it easier. As a result, we have over 10,000 5-star Smileback reviews from our customers.

At PCS, we look forward to eliminating your IT stress. It all starts with a Free 30-minute Technology Consultation. Complete the form to get started.