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Managed IT Services

Thank you for your interest in PCS, your 24/7 managed service provider! This page features an overview of the helpful business IT outsourcing services we provide as the leading customer-first MSP.

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After you've reviewed the Managed IT services we provide and have questions, we invite you to contact us for a free 30-minute IT consultation to discuss your current IT service needs. We look forward to helping you.

PCS Managed IT


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PCS IT Service Solutions

When we talk about being your IT managed services provider, we are referring to a variety of services that all fall under the managed services umbrella. What these services have in common is that they take away all of the concerns related to IT issues and managing an IT services team. With PCS as your managed service provider, we do all the work, we eliminate the stress, and we finish to your satisfaction.

We are the perfect solution for:

  • A small to mid-size company needing a full-time IT support staff but doesn’t have the infrastructure or budget to support it
  • A larger enterprise needing to streamline and improve efficiency by hiring outside IT tasks while wanting fast and effective support that a full-time IT staff can provide
  • A non-profit organization who needs to keep their focus on their core mission and relies on IT services to be delivered per project or fully managed

Each Managed IT service solution handled by PCS takes on a unique shape based on your input and your specific technology needs. Below is an overview of the outsourced IT services provided by our helpful team as well as a deeper dive into related technology topics.

Have questions about any of our services or want to discuss your technology needs? We're happy to have a conversation. Contact us.

What is Managed IT Service?

Efficient and convenient, Managed services are provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP) which deliver dedicated IT support to an organization via subscription or contracted support. In addition to ensuring 24/7 IT helpdesk support, the outsourced IT services handled to cover the full gamut of IT functionality including network and server management, server and desktop virtualization, Cloud services, cybersecurity projects, and rapid response issues.

Many non-profits and companies rely on managed service providers to handle their necessary IT coverage while avoiding the overhead required for employing an in-house IT team. The on-demand nature of Managed IT service means that every technology issue that comes up can be addressed and resolved quickly.

Looking for Managed IT services? Contact us for a free 30-minute IT consultation.


What is Co-Managed IT Service?

Similar to Managed IT service, Co-Managed IT is designed to support an in-house IT team with MSP (Managed Service Provider) experts to provide assistance with large or complex projects that fall outside the scope of the in-house staff. Enabling an organization to decide which services to keep in-house versus those best suited for Managed IT services, Co-Managed IT service looks different for each business.

For instance, an internal IT team might handle the helpdesk or day-to-day network management while larger projects requiring specific expertise, like as cybersecurity, can be assigned to the Co-Managed IT team.

Need support assistance for your in-house IT team? Contact us to discuss the benefits of PCS Co-Managed Services.

What is Project-Based IT Service?

Regardless of whether or not you have an existing IT department, your organization may not have the physical capabilities or monthly support budget to handle the specific technology needs for a given project. That’s why most MSPs also provide Project-Based services.


Project-Based IT service is perfect for jobs of any size whether they are required on-site or remote anywhere in the world. The experienced PCS Project-Based IT service team is equipped to manage any project ranging from standard to business-specific, including popular tasks like:

Implementing Cloud-based email

A popular Project-Based IT service for companies large and small is adding Cloud-based email to a company’s network. Cloud-based email is ideal as a Project-Based IT service because it usually only needs to be implemented once.

Organizations without Cloud-based email may not realize the many benefits it offers:

  • It is easily scalable
  • It allows remote access to work email for employees from almost anywhere
  • It's usually cheaper than networked email services
  • It tends to be safer and more secure than on-site email

The team at PCS can quickly and affordably install your own cloud-based system so you can start enjoying these benefits right away. The PCS remote network support services also include technical support for your cloud-based email should it become necessary.

Building new IT infrastructure from scratch

There are few things more intimidating for both a new company and one that's going digital for the first time than trying to set up an IT infrastructure. Due to budgetary constraints, most organizations may not have the resources to hire a whole IT staff just to build digital infrastructure. And if they did, once the project is finished, what would these new employees do beyond collecting a paycheck until an issue arose? That’s where Project-Based IT will help.

Project-Based IT service is ideal for both new companies who want to start off on the right foot with their network as well as for old companies that have existed for decades on an analog model and are realizing that they must "go digital" to compete in today’s marketplace. With Project-Based IT services, you can stop putting off needed IT improvements.

With a simple call to PCS, you can learn how cost-effective it is to have our experienced team of professionals solve your IT needs correctly the first time. And being a Project-Based service, we’re out of your hair and not in your payroll when the job is finished.

Moving an entire IT infrastructure to a new office

Just like with building a new IT infrastructure from scratch, the last thing you want to do when moving to a new location is worry about hiring new IT staff just to move your IT infrastructure. Utilizing Project-Based IT services for this transition ensures that the move will be expertly handled.

For organizations who previously utilized PCS for the IT infrastructure setup, then moving just got easier as the PCS team is already very familiar with your company, your staff, and how your current IT infrastructure works. Regardless if you're new to PCS or have relied on us before, we have a large staff of knowledgeable and courteous experts ready to listen, plan, and solve your IT project needs to your complete satisfaction.

Need assistance with specific technology projects? We can definitely help. Contact us for a free 30-minute IT consultation today.

What is Rapid Response IT Service?


Peace of mind and emergency IT support aren’t typically two things that come to mind in the same sentence. In this fast-paced world of “always on, always connected” business, when your servers, PCs, hardware, or software give you problems, the downtime costs to your company are often substantial.

Knowing who to call can mean the difference between quickly getting the help you need versus waiting while business opportunities pass you by. PCS understands that IT issues can strike at any time. That’s why we don't shut down after 5 o'clock. We'll take your calls day and night to ensure our emergency IT services are working for you.

When time is of the essence, our rapid response service is ready to troubleshoot your issues and get you back to work.



PCS Virtual CIO

PCS includes a Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) with most unlimited service plans for strategy and consulting, so you’ll never feel alone. You’ll get a live person every time you call for support, no matter when, no matter why. With PCS, you will receive the capabilities that come from a large IT support services provider with the kind of personal attention and support that you would usually only expect from a smaller IT consulting services company.

What is a Virtual CIO?
As your Virtual CIO, PCS serves as your organization's chief information officer. We will collaborate with and advise in-house IT teams and function just as a conventional CIO operates.

Cloud Computing

Organizations everywhere are utilizing Cloud computing as a secure alternative to on-site server management. Yet, despite its growing prevalence, common questions exist. We’ve created some resources to better understand Cloud computing, its benefits, and its types.

What is Cloud?

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

What are the Types and Uses of Cloud?

Amazon Web Services

Azure Benefits

If your company is ready to benefit from Cloud computing services, it is important to have the correct support in place. IT Cloud services from PCS will help you with everything that goes into making sure the Cloud is working for you from setting up your Cloud services, Cloud management, and resolving issues that may arise with Cloud networks.

Contact PCS for help moving your business to the Cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

As one of the largest resellers of Office 365 on the East Coast, PCS can help you implement the components that make the most sense for you, your employees, and your business. Plus, we’ll do it in a timely and budget-friendly manner — no matter what size organization you’re running.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

PCS holds a team of industry experts trained in Office 365 and Outlook who is ready to help you leverage these tools to streamline your operations. Office 365 makes it easier for everyone on your team to work, connect, and collaborate. And PCS makes it easier to get started.

Contact PCS for a free 30-minute IT consultation to get running with Office 365.

Cybersecurity & Layered Security

Cybersecurity Protection is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data. In today's business environment, there's no single source of security that can cover all of the necessary features to keep you and your data safe from risks. Instead, businesses must implement layered security to guard against a broad range of threats.

PCS provides a variety of advanced layered security options to help keep you safe. Click on each item below to learn more about the technology.

Contact PCS if you want to learn more or if you're ready to implement layered security technology in your organization.

What are Data Backup Services?

Data backup services refer most specifically to enterprise backup software that takes your data from its primary storage device and moves it to a secondary backup storage device offsite or in the Cloud. Your data can be updated and always available to you but not to others who shouldn’t have access to it.

Why do I need Data Backup Services?

Every day, more and more critical company information is moving from physical files to digital form, and there is a good reason for this. Digital information is easier to access, analyze, and share, and it doesn’t take up space or require resources the way physical data files do.

Despite the many benefits of digital data, there can be downsides. Digital data can open companies to vulnerabilities related to data storage failures in which data can be blocked or even lost—the resulting downtime to your company would obviously be incalculable.

Similarly, there’s the possibility that a rival company or malicious hacker could break into your storage system and steal your data to take advantage of you or your customers. Companies must understand the gravity of these perils in order to select the best data backup service to keep them protected and their data secure.

Choosing PCS for Data Backup & Protection

Having established ourselves as the leading provider of high-quality IT support solutions, PCS is the perfect managed services partner to help you find the right data backup solution for your organization. Different data backup software can have diverse methods for how, when, where, and why they move, share, or back up your data.

Contact PCS for Data Backup assistance.

DELMIAWorks Application Support

Are you a manufacturing company that uses DELMIAWorks (formally known as IQMS) and needs application support? 

At PCS, our primary objective is to drive widespread adoption of DELMIAWorks within our customers. We offer rapid access to expert knowledge, eliminating inefficiencies and empowering organizations through DELMIAWorks. Utilize our proficiency to implement optimal practices and unlock the full functionality potential of DELMIAWorks.


Contact PCS for DELMIAWorks Application Support.


Does your company or organization rely on computers for day-to-day operations? It’s critical that your entire IT infrastructure is maintained properly. From cataloging all equipment and software (including dates for expiration) to network and server management, every part of your IT infrastructure must be maintained for the system to function optimally.

The Role of IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Management Components

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management

Do I Need Computer Management Support for Infrastructure?

Why choose PCS for Infrastructure Support?

PCS computer support technicians are highly trained and cover all levels of computer infrastructure experience. When you contact us, we jump into action to develop an infrastructure management support solution designed to match your company’s specific needs.

We also make sure the professionals working on your account actually know your business. So when you contact us for computer support service, you won’t waste a lot of time trying to explain what you do, what kind of computers you’re using, and what you need. If you don’t have an infrastructure support system in place right now, you’re risking unnecessary downtime, lost productivity, added frustration, increased stress, and more. Enjoy peace of mind by contacting PCS for a free 30-minute IT consultation.

Network Management

PCS provides network management services covering the full spectrum of applications, equipment, and processes used in the provisioning, operation, administration, maintenance, and security of the network infrastructure.

Network management enables administrators to manage and monitor the network to ensure reliability, availability, and performance while also allowing them to make configuration changes to remediate issues quickly and optimize network health. Below are links to supporting information on Network Management:

Need friendly expert help with network management? Contact PCS.

Server Management

IT server management encompasses everything you need to make sure your server is up and running correctly for the maximum amount of time. Learn more about Server Management.

PCS has highly qualified experts at all levels of IT including server management. With more than 200 technology professionals on our team, our server management specialists are at the top of their field. When you choose PCS to manage your servers, you can be confident we are managing them the right way for your unique, individual enterprise.

How? Because we take the time to get to know you, learn about your infrastructure, and understand your organization’s goals. This gives us a significant advantage when managing your servers as we know just what your company needs to maximize server efficiency.

Contact PCS for Server Management solutions.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management (MDM) protects your company from insecure phone activity and internal data breaches. Implementing mobile device management security involves deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating, and managing mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers.

Essentially, MDM empowers your business to operate effectively by aligning your employee’s activity with corporate policies. From data organization and segregation to keeping emails and documents secure, mobile device management software will protect your company’s intellectual property.

How MDM Software Can Help You

Mobile device management services will help your company in many ways, including:

  • Increased Compatibility: Use our MDM software on any handheld device or operating system
  • Multi-Functional Abilities: Utilize our MDM services across multiple service providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)
  • Easy Implementation: Enjoy easy installation over the Cloud
  • Fast and Effective Hardware: Efficiently deploy your hardware, applications, and operating platforms
  • Adjustable Device Usage: Add or remove devices as necessary to maximize the health of your company’s network
  • Protection of Business Data: Secure and wipe devices remotely

Essentially, MDM helps your internal operations ecosystem thrive. If you want to improve the well-being of your business data and internal communication flow, MDM is the best way to go.

Benefits of Implementing MDM

Security is the biggest benefit of deploying mobile device management services. But beyond keeping your company protected, MDM enhances your organization in the following ways:

  • Effective Compliance: Easily monitor company-wide compliance initiatives and track usage through a centralized system.
  • Save Money: With MDM software, employees can use their personal phones without threatening your company’s security. This decreases your technology costs as you no longer need to provide separate mobile devices or computers to your employees for their work needs.
  • Guaranteed Security: Mobile management services provide peace of mind to operating officers and managers. With 24/7 remote monitoring abilities, the security software we offer gives you complete control of users, apps, and updates anytime, anywhere.

MDM empowers you to stop worrying about company security and start dedicating more time to improving productivity. Contact PCS to implement MDM.

Server Virtualization

At PCS, we help you choose the correct virtualization solution for your business. We can assist you with both Hyper-V and VMWare virtualization solutions and manage them on-site or using a Cloud-based system. As your technology partner, we will thoroughly discuss all the options until you’re comfortable choosing the virtualization solution that is right for you and your organization. PCS also offers virtual server infrastructure setup and ongoing IT support. 

Click to learn more about Server Virtualization and its benefits. Still have questions? Contact PCS to discuss this important technology.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Looking to streamline and transform the way your office uses PCs? Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) covers the creation and management of desktop environments that enable employees to work and access applications and services inside the office or from a remote location. For a deeper dive and to understand the benefits of VDI, click for more on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

PCS will help you choose and integrate the virtual desktop infrastructure that’s right for your organization. Our team contains over 200 industry experts trained to help you implement the VDI that will specifically benefit you and your business operations. Why wait to streamline the way your company uses PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices? Get your questions answered today. Contact PCS for help with your VDI.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Are you considering using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your business? VPNs are becoming increasingly popular due to data security and privacy concerns. To set one up for your business, it’s crucial that it’s set up correctly. Learn more about Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

When you work with PCS, we’ll use your firewalls or VPN hardware to configure VPN services on them in order to help your company gain the security it needs. As we know, hacking is a growing danger, and if your company has sensitive data to protect, you definitely want to prevent that data from being exposed on a public network. The PCS team can help you avoid all the complications and pitfalls of setting up a VPN and make sure it keeps your data away from public consumption.

Contact PCS for help setting up a VPN.

IT Vendor Management

To keep systems streamlined and employees productive, organizations rely on an array of third-party technologies working in unison. Maintaining a growing pool of vendor relationships to manage topics like contracts, licensing, and updates can be resource and time-intensive. To help, PCS provides IT Vendor Management services.

What is Vendor Management?

To help your organization get the most out of IT supplier partnerships, PCS works on your behalf to utilize our partner relationships to deliver maximum value for your organization.

Some areas in which PCS vendor management services can help include:

  • Vendor selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Performance tracking
  • Security considerations
  • Technology integration
  • Internet and Telecomm
  • Cloud optimization

PCS's comprehensive Vendor Management service covers every facet of vendor interactions, from selection to integration, security to compliance. Save time and resources by contacting PCS to leverage Vendor Management services in your organization.

PCS IT Services

As showcased above, PCS provides a wide range of technology services for businesses and organizations. If you need additional information on a technology topic or would like to speak with a helpful PCS team member, contact PCS for a free 30-minute IT consultation.