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MSP & IT Support for Education

Regardless of your educational offerings or services, there's a crucial aspect to consider: your institution requires a computer infrastructure and network that operate swiftly, securely, and dependably. As educational technology evolves, it has become progressively demanding for educational organizations to maintain an internal IT team equipped with the latest expertise and proficiencies for overseeing, administering, and resolving various components of their educational systems and devices.

Since 2000, PCS has formed effective collaborations within the educational sector, providing essential technological assistance and expert-managed services. We focus on ensuring uninterrupted system performance, elevating productivity, and bolstering uptime, contributing to your institution's success.

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What are Managed Services for Education?

Managed services for the education industry offer comprehensive technology solutions to support and optimize educational institutions’ IT infrastructure and operations. Managed services enable schools to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, improve efficiency, enhance learning experiences, and maintain a safe and productive digital environment within the educational ecosystem.

PCS Services for Education Security and Automation



“The PCS technician assigned to the project was highly-skilled person and demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and had the social skills that made him very easy to work with.”

From the project lead of a school that partnered with PCS. After starting with one technician, the school system expanded project responsibilities and ultimately replaced eight in-house staff members with just four PCS technicians.

Why Choose PCS for Your Education IT Services?

Thanks to advances in education technology, teachers and staff rely upon numerous tools to spread knowledge. The thing is, most educators don’t have the extra time needed to maintain these systems or react quickly when issues arise.  

An IT service, on the other hand, can help you get the most out of these resources by improving their security and efficiency. When you count on PCS for technology support, you can find a solution that fits your budget and enriches the learning experience.

Many schools now rely on Cloud storage and other online technologies to manage grading, educational materials, collaboration, and more. Since learning can happen at any time and anywhere, students now benefit from access to education in a variety of places. PCS IT services can help fix student-enabled devices as well as maintain the systems that support the entire learning environment. The experienced PCS team can help you get the most out of these resources by improving their security, accessibility, and reliability. 

PCS technicians stand ready to support you whenever you need us. We provide both remote helpdesk support alongside in-person assistance to handle issues related to student and office device issues. For added safety, all PCS technicians who come on-site are fingerprinted and background-checked to ensure the safety of students.

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