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MSP & IT Support for Construction

In the construction industry, whether you're offering products or services, one certainty remains: Ensuring swift, secure, and reliable functioning of your computer systems and network is essential. With the technological advancements in the construction sector, organizations face an increasing dilemma in maintaining an in-house IT team with the current knowledge and skills required to oversee, manage, and troubleshoot all aspects of their construction systems and devices.

Since 2000, PCS has effectively collaborated with contractors and suppliers to provide the essential technology assistance and managed solutions necessary to uphold operational continuity and maximize efficiency on construction sites.

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What are Managed Services for Construction?

Managed services for the construction industry encompass a range of IT solutions and support tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of construction firms. These services are designed to optimize project management, collaboration, and data security. By outsourcing your IT management to experienced MSPs, such as PCS, construction companies can focus on their core activities, streamline project workflows, and improve overall productivity and project outcomes.

PCS Services for Construction Security and Automation


To start with, PCS's helpdesk is phenomenal. When you call, you get a technician on the phone almost immediately. Their account management team is second to none. PCS has saved EASRCC close to $25,000 for our infrastructure upgrades over the last few years; due to the IT strategy that they implemented when we upgraded our Exchange and Dell Servers.

Frank Speziali, Facilities Manager
Eastern Atlantic State Regional Council of Carpenters

Why Choose PCS for Your Construction IT Services?

In construction, time is of the essence, and cost is king. With contracts on the line, you can't afford to miss time due to unreliable network infrastructure. Technology exists to make the process more efficient and to compensate for tight schedules. As a result, construction managers always feel the pinch of needing to do more with less time and budget.

Employing a fully staffed IT team can literally break the budget for some projects. Fortunately, with PCS IT services, you can enjoy the same level of reliability, security, and accessibility in your technology without increasing your payroll.

PCS managed IT support is an affordable solution for construction companies looking to hit their goals while satisfying their employees and customers. With PCS as your IT service partner, you can rely on our team of experienced technicians to maintain your technology so you can stay focused on meeting your deadlines.

For Construction IT solutions, contact PCS to break ground on an IT partnership.