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PCSMay 11, 2023

What Our Customers Say - Thunderbolt Area Federal Credit Union

My experience with PCS goes back about 12 years. Prior to that, I was with another company providing computer services. I am not saying they were hard to work with because they were fine. Therein lies the problem, they were fine. But I believe, Thunderbolt required something extraordinary. We are a financial service organization and in that, we need prompt service response. We cannot wait for a couple of hours when the system is down. We process the finances of more than 3,500 members. It is impossible to tell them we are down for a couple of hours waiting for service and they will have to wait to access their money.

Without question, my initial trial of PCS for Thunderbolt exceeded even my expectations. If we have any issues, I can contact a person(s) at PCS immediately, who knows not only how to make repairs but also knows our business. Am I satisfied?? NO!! We are ecstatic we chose PCS. This is their business to lose. I look no farther.

Bob Millard, President/CEO 
Thunderbolt Area Federal Credit Union

"Ecstatic" is a word we love to hear! It's the level of IT customer service for which we aim. We thank Bob and Thunderbolt Area Federal Credit Union for partnering with PCS for IT service solutions and customer-first support. 

Financial Services is just one of the many industries in which PCS delivers customer-first Managed IT services and 24/7 Helpdesk support. Our dedication to customer service and satisfaction has earned over 11,000 5-star customer SmileBack reviews.

If you would like to be ecstatic about your IT services and support, contact us for a free 30-minute technology consultation.