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Tech Support for Every Industry

Regardless of what type of products or services you sell, one thing’s for sure: You need your computer system and network to function quickly, securely, and reliably. With all the technological advancements of recent years, it’s increasingly challenging for organizations to employ their own in-house IT staff who possess the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot every aspect of their organizational systems and devices.

For over 20 years, PCS has successfully partnered with enterprises across numerous industries to provide the technological support and managed services needed to help organizations focus on and achieve their specific goals.



Why Choose PCS as Your
IT Partner?



At PCS, we like to say we’re a customer service company with deep IT expertise. Although we’re a large company with over 200 IT professionals, we will respond, react, and care for your organization like a small company. We guarantee you instant, live technology support from a dedicated team of experts that can provide you with customized services and solutions. We never require any long-term contracts that will keep you locked into services you no longer want or need — instead, we’ll work hard to earn your business every single month.

PCS Service Highlights

PCS is experienced in successfully providing proven technology support solutions across a wide spectrum of industries. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Network management services: You can rely on us for all of your network management issues, including infrastructure setup, support and security.
  • Helpdesk support: Get connected to a knowledgeable IT expert in 30 seconds or less every time you call LiveLine.
  • IT maintenance services: We can manage all of your hardware and software so that you never have to worry about your system crashing again.
  • Computer tech support: Maintain your devices with our maintenance, diagnostics, and troubleshooting support for computers and devices.
  • Data backup and protection services: Prevent data theft and loss with our secure data backup services.
  • Server management: With our server management services, you can maximize your uptime so that your business can run without any interruptions.
  • Mobile device management: Protect your organization’s network by ensuring all mobile devices are secure at all times.


In today’s accounting industry, your firm likely wants to become as efficient as possible while keeping your clients’ data safe. At PCS, we serve businesses across a wide range of industries including accounting. We work with firms throughout the country to develop IT solutions that scale to the needs and growth of each business. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals and provide top service to your customers.

IT support services from PCS allow your firm to complete fast and secure business in new ways. Technologies such as Cloud-based storage can help you keep your data consistent while being accessed securely from multiple locations. Business records can update in real time for increased accuracy and efficiency.

When you use electronic records, PCS can help keep them secure with remote monitoring and other security services. As a result, you can provide faster service than before without compromising your clients’ information.

Contact us and watch the benefits add up.

Shared by Customers:
“For over ten years PCS has been our trusted managed IT partner. They have grown with us as a company, working closely to keep our systems secure and up to date. PCS provides us with reliable and timely service for everything from minor problems to special projects and major upgrades.”

Bridget K. Fee, Asst. Business Manager,
Haefele Flanagan

PCS tech support for Accounting


Architecture Firms

Computers and IT systems give architecture firms the ability to innovate and create like never before. Tasks that once had to be mapped out arduously by hand — like measuring details, rendering models and making calculations — can now be completed several orders of magnitude faster and more accurately thanks to digital technologies.

For these reasons, the software programs you use for your architecture firm are critical, and you need to protect them in the best way possible. That’s why, when it comes to IT services for architecture firms, you always want to turn to PCS.

Let's build a technology partnership. Contact us today.


In construction, time is of the essence, and cost is king. With contracts on the line, you can't afford to miss time due to unreliable network infrastructure. Technology exists to make the process more efficient and to compensate for tight schedules. As a result, construction managers always feel the pinch of needing to do more with less time and budget.

Employing a fully staffed IT team can literally break the budget for some projects. Fortunately, with PCS IT services, you can enjoy the same level of reliability, security, and accessibility in your technology without increasing your payroll. 

PCS managed IT support is an affordable solution for construction companies looking to hit their goals while satisfying their employees and customers. With PCS as your IT service partner, you can rely on our team of experienced technicians to maintain your technology so you can stay focused on meeting your deadlines.

Contact us to break ground on an IT partnership.

Shared by Customers:
“To start with, PCS's helpdesk is phenomenal. When you call, you get a technician on the phone almost immediately. Their account management team is second to none. PCS has saved EASRCC close to $25,000 for our infrastructure upgrades over the last few years; due to the IT strategy that they implemented when we upgraded our Exchange and Dell Servers.”

Frank Speziali, Facilities Manager,
Eastern Atlantic State Regional Council of Carpenters


PCS tech support for Construction



Thanks to advances in education technology, teachers and staff rely upon numerous tools to spread knowledge. The thing is, most educators don’t have the extra time needed to maintain these systems nor react quickly when issues arise.  

An IT service, on the other hand, can help you get the most out of these resources by improving their security and efficiency. When you count on PCS for technology support, you can find a solution that fits your budget and enriches the learning experience.

Many schools now rely on Cloud storage and other online technologies to manage grading, educational materials, collaboration, and more. Since learning can happen at any time and anywhere, students now benefit from access to education in a variety of places. PCS IT services can help fix student-enabled devices as well as maintain the systems support the entire learning environment. The experienced PCS team can help you get the most out of these resources by improving their security, accessibility, and reliability. 

PCS technicians stand ready to support you whenever you need us. We provide both remote helpdesk support alongside in-person assistance to handle issues related to student and office device issues. For added safety, all PCS technicians who come on-site are fingerprinted and background checked to ensure the safety of students.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

Shared by Customers:
“The PCS technician assigned to the project was highly-skilled person and demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and had the social skills that made him very easy to work with.”

From the project lead of a school that partnered with PCS. After starting with one technician, the school system expanded project responsibilities and ultimately replaced eight in-house staff members with just four PCS technicians.


PCS tech support for Education


From blueprints, schematics, and client communications, engineering firms rely on technology to access large amounts of data on a daily basis. Information technology systems are crucial to help innovate and to simplify complicated processes. Maintaining reliable access and robust security measures requires a carefully managed IT infrastructure capable of meeting the demands of a deadline-focused environment. 

Because in-house IT departments can be expensive and encounter knowledge gaps when trying to keep up with daily pressures placed upon IT infrastructure, engineering firms can rely on managed IT services from PCS to maintain all their systems correctly.

Why PCS? Because we’re much more than just an IT company. In fact, we don’t even think of ourselves as an IT company. We’re a customer service company that happens to be great at IT. We have a team of 200 highly qualified IT professionals with tons of experience with engineering software programs and systems you depend upon. 

Let's design a technology plan together. Contact us.

Health & Medical

If you are providing healthcare support as a business, you owe it to yourself and your clients to have the best healthcare IT support possible. Healthcare and medical service providers cannot function without computers and digital technology. From electronic health records and email communications to insurance and billing, healthcare providers and medical professionals use computer technology and digital data in every aspect of their business.

Modern technology allows clients to get their medical information faster, so they can act quickly during health emergencies. It also helps medical and healthcare professionals get paid faster and empowers healthcare businesses to run more smoothly. Because each of these benefits depend upon technology, reliable, professional IT services are critical for keeping medical professionals’ and doctors’ offices operating at peak performance. 

Trust PCS to handle your tech health. Contact us today.


Due to developments in hospitality technology, many guests expect tech-savvy service from their hotels. From guest records to the check-in process, you can now digitize a large portion of your operations. Whether you want to upgrade your existing technology or switch to something new, PCS can help! We have IT specialists ready to assist businesses throughout the hospitality industry.

A well-maintained IT system makes your operations smoother and guests happier through enhanced communications to ensure consistency throughout your hotel and resort. Furthermore, an improved information system will help you offer more accurate booking and add more features your guests will love. When you partner with an IT service that understands your needs, you can focus on your goals of maximizing guest experience.

Helpful IT management is our key amenity. Contact us.


As an insurance agency, you want to take care of your clients so that they continue to use your services. At PCS, we want to take care of you so that you can achieve your business goals. We work across industries to help businesses like yours improve technologies in ways that benefit you. You can count on our team members to handle your IT services so that you can fully focus on your customers.

Thanks to technology, we have more resources than ever for supporting your management of policyholders. IT support from a trusted company will allow you to take advantage of these tools to give your agency competitive advantage. Modern technology sets industry leaders apart from their competition by increasing efficiency and improving customer service. The PCS team will work with you to implement and manage new technology so you can enhance company performance.

Providing helpful IT services is our policy. Contact us.

Law Firms

Law firms have been using computer technology for research and strategy for about as long as computers have existed. Now, being able to use IT for legal services is more important than ever. The right legal IT services can give you the edge you need to win for your clients.

PCS has the legal IT services you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors. We’ve helped law firms all across the country find and implement effective IT solutions for their businesses. We understand that internet security and data protection are critical to your law firm. If your data leaks, it could put your clients and your reputation in jeopardy. We handle internet security at the highest levels all the time.

But we do a lot more than that. We are a customer service firm first, and part of that service involves making sure you get IT support geared towards legal IT issues and your specific needs. We have built a huge team of highly qualified and experienced IT experts just for this purpose. The IT professionals who work with you will always have knowledge about your specific issue whether it’s installing the latest legal software program or updating your internet security to protect your data from the prying eyes of other law firms.

We understand that for you, time is of the essence—you don’t have time to explain your computer and digital issues to every technician who walks through the door. Needing a lean, streamlined office that can respond quickly is part of why you don’t want an in-house IT team in the first place. PCS IT professionals answer your call ready to do the job with the experience in legal software needed to get you running fast.

Contact us to judge our IT services for yourself.

PCS tech support for Law Firms

Customer Story:
A partner at a national law firm with more than 500 lawyers called and explained “Our entire computer system is down, our tech can’t fix it, and someone said you could handle the job.”

PCS immediately dispatched two of its best technicians who discovered that the firm’s infrastructure had a “heart attack” because their virtualized environment crashed. The team stabilized the system, created desktop support, and reconfigured the network. The firm’s entire network was restored by the start of business the next morning. Afterward, PCS provided new, detailed recommendations on how to prevent a similar situation in the future. Within a few months, the law firm turned over their entire IT function to PCS.

“It was a perfect storm, which no one anticipates until you’re in it,” explains Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS CEO and President. “The law firm had gotten comfortable with their system, and they let a few IT people go. The only person on deck was a junior administrator who lacked the expertise, experience, and the crisis checklist to handle a true IT emergency. The firm first turned to another outside IT vendor for help. After discovering that the depth of the problem and the need for rapid resolution were beyond their capabilities, the vendor recommended PCS.”



When you manage a manufacturing business, safety and efficiency become your top priorities. You strive to increase your production numbers while ensuring a safe working environment for your team. Did you know that a well-supported IT system can help you achieve these goals? At PCS, we help businesses like yours go above and beyond with personalized IT solutions.

Our IT experts have deep experience supporting a variety of industries, including the manufacturing sector. We are experts in IQMS manufacturing software which allows us to improve the efficiency, agility, and collaboration you need to best serve your customers. We’re also well-versed in many other types of standard manufacturing platforms. 

When you partner with PCS for IT services, you can place focus back on essential business needs. A correctly managed IT system will help you improve your delivery speed, streamline your operations, and enhance your interactions with customers. With PCS, you’ll get your best work done while having the peace of mind that we’re handling your complex technology issues.

We make IT services work for you. Contact us today.

PCS tech support for Manufacturing

Customer Story:
A plastic components manufacturer in Pennsylvania contacted PCS when the mountings of their storage system overheated and crashed their entire network impacting multiple facilities. Their full-time administrators couldn’t handle the complexity of the problem nor the needed physical infrastructure replacement.

“That incident resulted in a loss of time, money, worker hours, and delivery schedule because of the failure,” comments Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS CEO and President. “It’s easy to say, ‘all hands on deck,’ but if no one has the specific skill set necessary, you need more than willingness before you can return to normal operations. I’m proud to share that PCS was able to solve their technology issues and restored their normal operations.”

After that eye-opening experience, the company brought in PCS to evaluate their IT environment which culminated in a complete overhaul of their infrastructure resulting in a large virtualization project. The manufacturer was so pleased with the results that they retained PCS to help integrate their IT network with a newly acquired printing company.


As a non-profit organization, you may have a budget that requires careful management. You may also want to invest in information technology that helps you connect with your cause and supporters. IT services from PCS can help you achieve your technology goals while staying within your budget. 

Non-profits and charities have plenty to benefit from when they rely on professional IT services. Your organization can increase the impact of your mission, enhance your efficiency, and improve performance within your sector.

IT technologies will give you the tools you need to measure your effectiveness and find new ways to achieve your goals. Improving your operations through managed technology enables you to focus awareness on your cause instead of spending time fixing IT issues. 

With PCS as your IT service partner, you can build an IT strategy that makes sense for your individual circumstances while supporting your goals.

It's our mission to provide you with helpful technology services. Contact us.

Small Business

Whatever your business is, technology helps it run better. Whether it’s accounting software to keep track of the books, a retail program that aids in inventory management, or a streamlined communications system that helps you get products down the supply chain faster, great IT is what keeps your business competitive in an extremely challenging market.

PCS knows business IT because we have employees on our staff with years of IT experience in businesses of every size. We have a team of 200 of the best technology professionals

that we could find to ensure we have someone with expertise in your area exactly when you need one.

If you’re a business trying to grow, you may not have the budget for a full-time in-house IT support team. Fortunately, you don’t need to maintain in-house staff when you have PCS on your side. When you rely on our IT services to handle your technology needs, you can put the focus back on growing your business. 

Helpful IT services are literally our business. Contact us.


Partner with PCS

Regardless of what type of products or services you sell, one thing is certain: You need your computer network and devices to function reliably, securely, and quickly. Yet with all the technological advancements coming daily, it’s challenging for organizations to employ their own IT staff who possess the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their technology correctly.

In partnering with PCS for IT support, complying with industry regulations and company policies will become easier. Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals have extensive experience working in a wide range of sectors and are up to date on all of the latest requirements, regulations, and technologies so that you can always count on the best quality service from the team at PCS.

If you're ready for a helpful, responsive technology partner who understands your unique business, contact us today.