Network Security Services

Hacking, malware and cybercrime are all developing at alarming rates. According to top technical experts’ estimates, global cybercrime resulted in $3 trillion worth of damages in 2015 and is predicted to top $6 trillion annually by 2021. If these numbers are correct, cybercrime is poised to be responsible for the largest transfer of wealth in the history of economics.

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly already concerned about your business’s network security. It’s a step in the right direction — but what active steps can you take given the overwhelming statistics just mentioned? The answer lies in preparedness.

According to the FBI — which takes the lead in investigating cybercrimes committed against American individuals and companies, as well as our nation — what used to be troublesome forms of malware aiming to hold personal and/or business data hostage for a ransom have now morphed into more severe and targeted attacks. They instead look to steal and exploit intellectual property and other forms of sensitive information.

This means small businesses — like those in manufacturing, biotech, logistics and other sectors — are no longer immune to cybercriminals’ attacks. The FBI also warns that given the nature of the dark web to act as a quick and easy way to sell ill-acquired data, businesses need to implement network security measures that are vigilant, ongoing and regularly assessed for their effectiveness.

PCS — 24/7 Network Security Services You Can Trust and Afford

If you’re wondering how you can afford robust network security measures, you’re not alone. Employing full-time IT professionals is a costly measure and one that might not give you the type of expertise you need. So what can you do?

When you work with PCS, you get a team of over 100 highly trained IT professionals with the right skills and experience to provide your network with the kind of protection it needs — all for a fixed monthly rate you can afford. Plus, since malware and other forms of malicious cyberattacks are constantly developing, you get the latest combined knowledge and preventive measures our team of experts have at their disposal.

In addition to monitoring your system for attacks, we can also help it run more efficiently. Take the fact that well over 50 percent of emails can be classified as spam, and if you don’t have a strong enough spam filter — which most businesses do not — it can wind up costing you more than $700 per employee in unproductive time. We can help you address issues like this.

Our network security services don’t stop there. We can help you with your data management and connected mobile device strategies so that the data and workflow you need to operate efficiently don’t leave your company vulnerable.

PCS: We’re in Business to Help Keep Your Network Secure

Our fixed monthly rates, rapid response times and cutting-edge security services might be enough for you to choose us. But in addition to being a fantastic IT support company, we also strive to be the best customer service provider you’ll ever find. That’s why you can typically speak with one of our technical experts within 30 seconds of calling us. Moreover, we listen to your needs and always communicate in straightforward, respectful language that’s free of unnecessary techno-speak.

What’s your network security worth to you? Get your free quote today, and let PCS start protecting what’s vital to the ongoing success of your business.