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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Businesses

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted, decentralized digital currency that is transferred from one person to another confirmed in a public ledger in a process called mining. No government issued money backs the numbers in the ledger – instead, Bitcoins, the most common type of cryptocurrency is traded. Transactions take place without the need for an intermediary. […]

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How to Prevent Ransomware

Imagine logging onto your computer only to find that you can’t access any of your files. You inbox contains an email that demands a payment for the return of your files. This type of hack uses ransomware to access your information and hold it at ransom, and it is an all too common threat that […]

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How To Spot Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are everywhere, from your personal account to your CEO’s inbox. Often, these emails can take on the appearance of a harmless email, but in reality, unsuspecting victims the world over have been taken advantage of by carefully crafted, fraudulent emails. Learn more about how to protect yourself from internet fraud by understanding the […]

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Fox 29 Philadelphia- Computer expert demonstrates the Companion App

Anthony Mongeluzo demonstrates new app which enables users to request a friend or family member to keep them company virtually on a walk.View Video

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Fox News with Neil Cavuto: Government Debt

Anthony Mongeluzo joins host Neil Cavuto and other guests to discuss the US government’s debt and how it relates to small business.View Video

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The PCS Team completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.View Video

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Good Day Philadelphia – Community Health Systems Security Breach

Anthony Mongeluzo joins the Good Day crew to discuss the security breach that exposed 4.5 million medical records to hackers.View Video

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Fox 29 News – Email Receipts

Anthony Mongeluzo joins Fox News to discuss privacy concerns related to emailed store receipts.View Video

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Good Day Philadelphia – Aereo

Anthony Mongeluzo joins the Good Day crew to discuss Aereo TV streaming technology.View Video