Cyber Security – What Is It and Examples of Cyber Threats

Technology and data is the core of most organizations. But what is cyber security and have you put the effort into effective cyber security? We’re here to explain what it is and cyber security practices for effectively defending against hazards in the digital world with the help of Mike at Cybir! Cybir is a continued core […]

Cyber Insurance – How Important Is It?

Cyber attacks have increased throughout the years, but within the past year, more people are becoming aware of how important it is. Many are turning to cyber insurance as a means of protection against some of the effects of an incident, but what is cyber insurance and how does it work? We’re here to go […]

Unannounced Apple Features For iOS 15!

Apple announced iOS 15 back in June at WWDC, but lacked to mention an important feature that can help us all when it comes to traveling and even other cool features Apple didn’t go into. Redesign of Maps App The redesign of the Maps app was mentioned, but it was not put into detail what […]

Cyber Security Practices We Should Do To Stay Protected

Cyber security is one of the most talked about subjects in the technology field. Having your business data secured is crucial, but there are ways to stay protected. Here are some ways to help you keep your data protected with these security practices we should all do to ensure cyber security! Changing Passwords/Password Strength Password […]

Microsoft Issues URGENT Security Warning … Update Your PC Immediately!

Microsoft is urging Windows users to immediately install an update. Security researchers found a serious vulnerability in the operating system. We’re here to help you better understand what is going on and how to update your system! PrintNightmare The PrintNightmare flaw is a major security risk for enterprises, where print spoolers are used on Windows […]

Phishing Emails – Ways To Detect and Prevent Attacks

Phishing has become one of the most common methods of cybercrime. Despite how much we think we know about scam emails, people still frequently fall victim. We’re here show you how to detect a phishing email. Message Is Sent From A Public Email Domain/Misspelled Domain Sometimes, the hacker will try to use the same information […]

Cyber Security – It’s Not A Choice Anymore … It’s Necessary!

Malicious attacks have spiked throughout the years and cyber security has been discussed in so many ways. Throughout the pandemic and employees working from home, companies have been targeted and attacked with many different methods. Hackers don’t take a day off, so we’re here to help you stay protected. Malicious Attacks – How Often Do […]

More News From Microsoft About Windows 11

Microsoft has released more updates and info about Windows 11. Here is what to expect! Start Menu Moved The start menu is no longer at the bottom left of your PC desktop.  Don’t worry, you can move it back!  The redesign of the iconic Windows menu is now in the center of the screen rather […]

Data Loss – What Is It and What Can You Do To Stop It

Data Loss What exactly is it? How can you avoid it? We’re here to go over everything you need to know about preventing data loss to help keep your information safe! What Is Data Loss? Data loss is exactly what you think it is. Whether your information/back-ups are accidentally or maliciously deleted from your system, […]