how do virtual desktops for businesses work?

How Do Virtual Desktops for Businesses Work?

Getting every project done on time during work hours isn’t always easy for the average employee. The longer you work tediously in the same sitting, the easier it is to find yourself wasting time and getting distracted. Years ago, there were some options available to access a work computer outside of the office, but those […]

Technology New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

What Are Your Businesses Technology New Year’s Resolutions For 2018? With 2017 nearing its end, it’s time to start considering the resolutions we’re going to make in the new year. When it comes to making resolutions, your mind might go to the traditional options like work on our fitness, eat healthier, or be kinder to […]

PCS Acquires Assets of Velocity MSI

PCS Acquires Assets of Velocity MSI  Velocity Staff to Join PCS Roster Moorestown, New Jersey — PCS (, a leading IT service company, has purchased the assets of Warminster, Pennsylvania-based Velocity MSI. Velocity’s team will also join the PCS team effective Dec. 1. Velocity specializes in providing complete IT managed services to the small- business […]

Seminar: How to Avoid a Cyber Attack and What to do WHEN it Happens to Your Business

It typically takes over 6 months to detect a hacker in your network – and by then, your company, customer, and employee data will have been compromised. Could your organization manage a cyber-breach, hack or employee mistake?  Do you know how to reduce your liability and protect your business for cyber security problems? Cyber Risk […]

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New Features of iOS 11

Coming Fall 2017, iOS 11 is going to continue offering everything we know and love about Apple with a few upgrades, of course. Check out what you can expect with Apple’s latest software update this autumn. What to Expect from Apple’s Newest iOS Update Subtle Design Changes. Expect minor superficial updates like bolder text and […]

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New Features of Exchange 2016

Microsoft Exchange is a business class communication system that integrates email, calendars, and other tools together to make collaborating and messaging a simple and effective process. Forged in the cloud, Microsoft’s newest update to Exchange combines multi-role servers with a focus on enhanced hybrid solutions. In addition to simplifying the architecture of the software, Microsoft […]

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Businesses

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted, decentralized digital currency that is transferred from one person to another confirmed in a public ledger in a process called mining. No government issued money backs the numbers in the ledger – instead, Bitcoins, the most common type of cryptocurrency is traded. Transactions take place without the need for an intermediary. […]

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How to Prevent Ransomware

Imagine logging onto your computer only to find that you can’t access any of your files. You inbox contains an email that demands a payment for the return of your files. This type of hack uses ransomware to access your information and hold it at ransom, and it is an all too common threat that […]

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How To Spot Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are everywhere, from your personal account to your CEO’s inbox. Often, these emails can take on the appearance of a harmless email, but in reality, unsuspecting victims the world over have been taken advantage of by carefully crafted, fraudulent emails. Learn more about how to protect yourself from internet fraud by understanding the […]