Keep Your Internet Traffic Secure!

With a current worldwide estimated population of 7.8 billion, approximately 4.93 billion people have access to and use the internet frequently. That means that 63.2% of the world population uses the internet. So why should anyone think to have a protective DNS service? We’re here to review what a protective DNS service is and how it can […]

Trick or Treat! – Cyber Security Awareness At Your Door

Halloween is right around the corner! October is also Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’re here to review some tips to keep your information safe. Don’t Click Spooky Links From Strangers We’re taught to never take candy from strangers, so opening links from an unknown source can be just as dangerous! Phishing scams are designed […]

Apple Announcement Recap From October 18

Apple has made another announcement this year! From it’s MacBook Pro line, to new AirPods, and finishing with new colors for its HomePod Mini! We’re here to go over everything that Apple announced on 10/18. MacBook Pro The MacBook Pro has gotten it’s biggest update in years. Apple announced it’s new generation of computers: MacBook […]

Amazon Announcement Recap: Devices

Amazon has made a huge announcement on 9/28 for their new products. We’re here to give you a short recap on all their new devices they have shown us. Home Robot – Astro Amazon now created a home robot named Astro! Astro can help check in on your home and look for people/pets. It also […]

New Microsoft Surface Laptops – Now With Windows 11

Microsoft had their Surface Laptop announcement on 9/22 with new devices … Including a new phone! We’re here to go over the basics of what to expect in the new Surface products. All new Surface products have Windows 11. Surface Laptop Studio The Surface Laptop Studio has a three-position display, a slimmer, sleeker profile and […]

Apple Announcement Overview

Apple has released it’s next batch of products! Between the new iPhone 13, to the Apple Watch Series 7, and can’t forget the iPad Mini. We’re here to review what Apple has in stored for us with these new products. iPad/iPad Mini One of Apple’s first product announcements was their release of the newest iPads. […]

If you use Apple products, it’s time for a critical update

Hackers can now break into your Apple devices just by sending you an iMessage. Once the hacker accesses the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, or Mac computer, they can grab data, record calls, steal passwords and more. This is a big one. University of Toronto’s research group The Citizen Lab has revealed this vulnerability […]

Cyber Security – Back To School Edition

Back to school is here and we start to see more children using technology for their assignments/homework. We also see parents posting pictures of their children with back to school chalkboards. We’re here to remind that anything can be used as personal data to hack into your information! Back To School Pictures September is that […]

12 Security Tips You Can Implement Today for a Safer Business System

12 Security Tips You Can Implement Today for a Safer Business System

As you’ve built or supported your business, you’ve no doubt worked hard to foster an environment where your staff feels safe, supported, happy and productive. Even if you have taken precautions, a cyberattack can quickly erase the sense of security you’ve built.  Unfortunately, the statistics regarding cybercrime are worrying. Studies show nearly every business is […]