At Risk For Phishing Emails Throughout Your Business?

  Do you get those risky phishing emails and want to protect your business data? We’re here to help! There are approximately 15 billion spam emails are sent daily and out of those emails, 30% of them are phishing emails that are opened and links are already clicked on. In total, there has been over […]


How Much Does a Security Breach Cost?

Can your business afford a $3.86 million security breach? Unfortunately, that was the average cost of a data breach in 2020. In addition to steep financial losses, companies risk tarnishing their reputations, losing valuable investor and customer loyalty and high legal fees if they’ve failed to maintain data compliance. Learn more about the real costs […]

Unhappy With Your IT Provider? 9 Things to Ask an IT Support Company

Not all IT providers are created equal. Maybe your company has had the same provider for years, making it easy to renew that contract without much thought. But IT support is an essential service that can have a major impact on your business’s operations and reputation. Take the time to review your current IT service […]

Consequences of a weak business computer security system

6 Consequences of a Weak Business Computer Security System

Cyberattacks and hackers are some of the most prominent types of security risks to an organization. The impact of security breaches on businesses is enormous and increasing every year. These events also hurt consumers through the loss of privacy, money and identity. Attacks on a company can quickly spread, hurting business partners and the economy […]

Cybersecurity- Basics that keep you safe

Cybersecurity: The Basics That Keep You Safe

Cybersecurity is one of those subjects that, when we talk about it, many people nod knowingly yet do nothing about it. Why? Why do we always put it off? I can only surmise that we believe it’ll happen to the next person but not us. Yet accidents and unfortunate events happen to everyone.  The first commandment […]

10 easy-to-follow rules for working at home

10 Easy-to-Follow Rules for Working at Home

The coronavirus has changed the national work landscape because, for many, working from home has become the new normal. Here are 10 time-tested rules I’ve learned from years of avoiding my office or talking to clients’ employees who weren’t making that daily trek to work. 1. Don’t Vacuum the Living Room Don’t laugh. It’s shockingly easy […]

5 Steps to hiring your IT dream team

5 Steps to Hiring Your IT Dream Team

It’s the change we hate to make, and we only do it out of necessity. No one out of the blue decides to switch their primary doctor, change their life insurance policy or hire a new IT team to handle your business’s valuable information data. In the IT world (unless you’re a startup, seeking help […]

25 security terms businesses should know

25 Security Terms All Businesses Should Know

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for businesses, and as such business owners need to be aware of cybersecurity terms and issues. While most business owners are aware of basic cybersecurity terms, the technology industry is constantly changing, and new hacking methods are continually being developed. To prepare and be aware of modern cybersecurity issues, […]

human-centered vulnerabilities in cybersecurity

Human-Centered Vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity

Technology has traditionally been the focus in cybersecurity, but now experts are saying we need to make a shift in our focus to human-centered cybersecurity. Of course, with any system, there are flaws. In the case of human-centered cybersecurity, it’s important to know what vulnerabilities you could be facing in your security. What Are Human-Centered […]