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PCSFeb 02, 2023

Anthony Mongeluzo nominated in the NJ Social Innovation Awards

PCS is proud to announce Anthony Mongeluzo’s nomination as a finalist in the category of Innovative Partnerships for the 2023 New Jersey Social Innovation Awards. This award is hosted by the Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) which is dedicated to health and social innovators and entrepreneurs working at the cross-section of the private sector, non-profits, and the government. SIJ chronicles innovations addressing issues impacting health, social policy, leadership, and systems.

Since founding PCS 22 years ago, Anthony has continued to nurture a customer-first culture and supportive working environment across the organization. His dedication to community and partnership permeates every relationship he holds. Anthony’s core principles of customer service and building partnerships are the drivers of company success.

In addition to handling technology solutions for businesses across multiple industries, PCS supports mission-critical technologies for area schools and non-profits like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. Doing so helps keep students learning and employees productive. Anthony believes that by handling the stresses of technology services for these institutions, they gain the ability to focus fully on achieving their missions. 

Anthony is humbled to be nominated alongside so many outstanding change-makers.