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PCSJan 04, 20231 min read

AWS Cloud Consulting with PCS

Organizations across the globe utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS). Why? Because of its scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and secure computing infrastructure. However, despite its wide range of benefits, the platform is inherently complex necessitating companies to rely upon proven AWS partners to help foster a smooth Cloud implementation.
As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, PCS not only provides highly trained AWS-certified individuals, but also stands as a trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP) with over two decades of customer service success. Similar to how we serve our large family of Managed Services customers, PCS will partner with your individual organization to ensure the correct Cloud strategy is defined, architected, and followed.
Some of the activities within our AWS consulting services include:
  • Cloud Readiness Consultation—Establishes open communication for a clear understanding of the needs and goals of the project
  • Cloud TCO Analysis—Brings the investment requirements into full focus
  • Cloud Operations Optimization—Uncovers and remediates gaps within your Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Partner Funding—Identifies funding options provided by AWS to help offset costs

When it comes to transitioning to the AWS Cloud, PCS has the experts and resources needed to guide your organization through an efficient planning, migration, implementation, and continuous improvement process. Our Cloud professionals will work with your team to understand your end-to-end requirements, business objectives, budget, and plans to develop a successful comprehensive Cloud strategy to meet your timelines and goals.

As your partner, PCS will help you develop and implement a solution to:

  • Achieve greater security and compliance
  • Control costs
  • Meet and exceed business objectives
  • Increase Cloud resilience and agility
  • Scale with growth


Consulting is just the first step in building an effective Cloud strategy for your business. Fortunately, this process is easier with PCS as your partner. Contact PCS today to get answers and explore the benefits of AWS for your organization.