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Why We All Need a Password Manager

The more connected the world gets, the more vulnerable we become. For years many years now, there has a well-known website that collects and exposes thousands of insecure webcams from around the world. Anyone with web access can see these private camera streams. What lets the feeds be accessed so easily? In most cases it’s […]

Defense in Depth: Why Layered Security is Always the Best Approach

Imagine living in a house with quality locks, a fire extinguisher, a doorbell camera, and a well-thought-out plan for emergencies. Would that make you feel secure? Probably so, but what if the electricity went out for three weeks in February. You would have liked to have a generator at that point, right? Covering your security […]

Common Phone Scams that can Compromise Your Data

Common Phone Scams that can Compromise Your Data

Imagine you’re working one day when you receive a phone call from a number you don’t recognize. You answer and politely ask the caller’s identity, only to have the voice on the other end inform you that the IRS is pursuing legal action against you. After threatening you with all manner of unpleasant consequences, ranging […]

New Years Resolution: Keeping Cyber Safe!

2021 has ended with a record-breaking year for data breaches. According to Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) research, the total number of data breaches through September 30, 2021 already exceeded the total number of events in 2020 by 17%, with 1,291 breaches in 2021 compared to 1,108 breaches in 2020. We’re here to review ways for you to […]

Log4Shell Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Creates Critical Risk to The Internet

Log4Shell Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Creates Critical Risk to The Internet An active zero-day Java vulnerability has impacted widely used software from companies including Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Twitter, and Microsoft. The exploit which has been named Log4Shell, manipulates the Apache Log4j2 logging tool in a way that can grant total system takeover to the attacker. The […]

DUO Adds Another Layer of Protection!

Cybercriminals can easily gain access to an account when there aren’t layers of protection from stopping them. Hackers don’t want to work too hard to obtain information, so making it harder for malicious attacks to happen is ideal. One way to keep your information safe is having Multi-Factor Authentication! What is Multi-Factor Authentication? Multi-Factor Authentication […]

Password Security Guidelines: Answering Your Questions

Password Security Guidelines: Answering Your Questions

In the past, you’ve probably created complex passwords with capitals, symbols, numbers and letters. It may have even taken you quite some time to create these passwords. However, nowadays, it’s less important to create a password in this way. Instead, people are now creating passwords made of four random words to create an easily remembered […]

12 Security Tips You Can Implement Today for a Safer Business System

Should You Outsource Your IT? 9 Benefits to Consider

As a business owner or executive, it may be difficult to decide between hiring an IT outsourcing services company or handling your IT in-house. You have a lot to consider when making business decisions. Whichever approach you take must ensure the security and privacy of your business assets and data as well as maintain smooth business […]

Reduce The Risk of Spam Emails!

About 122.3 billion email spam messages get distributed each day. That’s about 85% of the world’s daily email traffic. But what if we told you there was a way to have protection against spam AND have email threat protection? We’re here to review a way that can help companies keep their email protected. Essentials for Email […]