Why PCS IT Solutions

We're there for you when you need IT help - no jumping through hoops required.

We Think Finding IT Help Should be Easy.

Find the IT solution that's right for you with PCS.
IT companies love to describe themselves through the veneer of tech talk, industry double-speak and even a dose of hype. We're not that company. We think finding IT help should be easy - it shouldn't require you to jump through a million hoops.

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PCS IT Solutions


We're Your IT Pals

Our team are dedicated to your individual business. You'll know each team member you work with so that when problems arise, you know who is going to solve your dilemma.


We Make IT Affordable

Tech costs can do major damage to a company's budget, whether you're a corner store or a corporation. PCS can help you find an IT solution that meets your needs without breaking the bank.


We're a One-Stop Shop

Say goodbye to the random tech guy that comes in and out of your office on occasion. We make integrating IT solutions of all shapes and sizes a simple process.


We're Helpful

We deal with all sorts of things that touch your technology even those things that most other companies would say “That’s not my job”.


We're Pros

All of our staff members are trained, first-class tech experts who collaborate to find, fix, and finish problems, often before they even become problems.


We're Focused on Your Needs

PCS has married meeting the needs of a sometimes-demanding, never-ceasing, technology-based business climate with an old-school approach to customer service. We're there for you when you need IT help - no jumping through hoops required.


Managed IT

Like an in-house IT group, only you don’t have to pay for the chairs.


Project-Based IT

Have an IT project that you don’t have the internal capabilities to tackle? Have us do it!


Rapid Reponse IT

When you need help and you don’t know who to call, call us.