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Dedicated teams in business are becoming more agile — and so are the machines that those businesses rely on to do their computing. In the past, each machine — or server computer — was dedicated to hosting one particular application, operating system and related files. For a long time, this made sense because when hardware or software problems arose, they could be tracked down to a particular machine to rectify them.

Of course, offices, applications and operating systems have become more complex over the years. The central processing units (CPUs) that drive the computing power of servers have also grown in complexity. As a result, the old practice of dedicating one server to one application is no longer necessary. It winds up crowding IT equipment rooms with servers that use only a fraction of their computing power while still consuming a lot of energy and producing a lot of excess heat.

The answer to this efficiency problem is server virtualization — or in other words, the creation of a virtual server infrastructure. Computer scientists working on supercomputers have successfully employed advanced software to create virtual machines for years. However, it’s only recently that this practice of allowing businesses to run multiple applications and operating systems on the same server has become possible through virtual server setup services conducted by experienced IT support companies like PCS.

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PCS: Providing Virtual Server Solutions — VMWare, Hyper-V

Are you looking for a proven way to increase your IT’s agility and scalability without breaking the bank? Imagine an IT infrastructure that’s easier to manage and operate and less costly than your current model. Virtualization offers you all that — and much more.

Virtualization is a process that facilitates the creation of software-based representations of applications, servers, storage solutions and networks. It’s single-handedly the most cost-effective way to reduce your IT expenses while your business advances — no matter what size company you’re running.

PCS is proud to offer VMWare and Hyper-V as virtualization solutions both on-premise or in the cloud:


This virtualization solution gives you the power to partition a single server into multiple virtual machines. Without the need for installation or configuration, you can utilize each virtual environment to host hundreds of hardware and software components.


Designed for large organizations with a data center or cloud-based storage, VMWare allows you to:

  • Virtualize workloads
  • Build a personal, private cloud
  • Scale services in a public cloud
  • Create a combination of all three

If you’re not sure which solution is right for your business’s needs, don’t worry. At PCS, our team of more than 100 highly trained industry experts is dedicated to helping you choose the virtualization solution that will work best for your company.

PCS — 100% Customizable Server Virtualization Services

While your business may be facing IT issues we’ve seen before, we appreciate that at its core, it’s a unique enterprise. That’s why work hard to get to know our clients, listen to their needs and develop customized IT strategies that make sense for each business we help. We don’t try to sell you on cookie-cutter solutions or lock you into cumbersome contracts because that’s just not how we operate.

At PCS, we like to say that we’re an outstanding customer service company that just also happens to be a world-class IT support company.

When it’s time to get more out of your IT infrastructure, choose PCS for your server virtualization services. Our skilled technical support is fully matched by our superb customer service. Get your free quote now, or for answers to your IT-related questions, contact us today.

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