VPN Setup

Are you considering using a virtual private network (VPN) for your business? VPNs are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, and if you’re adding one to your business, it’s important to set it up correctly.

What Is a VPN Setup?

VPN setup means connecting your business’ computer network to a virtual private network. Under normal circumstances, you use the internet to connect your office computers through your network. If you want your network to connect through a virtual private network, you’ll have to contact a VPN provider and configure your computers to use the VPN they provide. When you work with PCS, we’ll use your firewalls or VPN hardware and configure VPN services on them to help your company gain the security it needs.

Why Does My Business Need a Virtual Private Network Setup?

Public internet creates privacy and security issues that you may not want to expose your company to. Hacking and industrial espionage, for example, are considerable problems in today’s business environment. Malicious invaders stealing the data of your company or your customers can have disastrous consequences for both customers and your business.

A VPN can provide you with a variety of safety features that can help protect your network, including encrypting data transfers and traffic, securely accessing data on a corporate network remotely and other crucial processes that can keep your business’s information secure. Although this process may not be relevant to your business, a VPN can also help you access websites that might otherwise be restricted from computers in your location.

Why PCS for IT Services for VPN?

When you’re setting up your virtual private network, you want experts on the job. Not only can setting up a VPN be complicated, but several problems may arise with a new VPN that you’ll want an experienced IT expert to handle. For example, the internet may not be working after connecting to the VPN, or perhaps it works for a while, but then your VPN stops providing internet access. When these issues occur, rather than getting frustrated and stressed, you can call PCS.

We make it a point to get to know our clients extremely well, so when you contact us, we’ll know exactly how your system was set up and be able to identify the problem quickly and accurately. This way, you can be back online fast.

Contact PCS for All Your VPN Setup and IT Services Today

PCS is the big company that gives you the focus and attention you normally expect from a smaller company. When you contact us for help setting up and maintaining your VPN, you will appreciate the effort our team makes to get to know you and your company and to be as helpful as possible. We can provide you with not only VPN support but also a wide range of IT support services for your business.

Whether you already have a VPN in place and need help with maintenance, are considering switching your VPN provider or are first looking into virtual private networks, PCS can help. We are a premier IT support company in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and we can start creating a custom IT plan for your business today. To get started and receive a free quote on VPN setup and support, contact PCS right now.

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