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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) covers the creation and management of desktop environments that enable employees to work and access applications and services inside the office or from a remote location. For a deeper dive and to understand the benefits of VDI, click for more on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

PCS will help you choose and integrate the virtual desktop infrastructure that’s right for your organization. Our team contains over 200 industry experts trained to help you implement the VDI that will specifically benefit you and your business operations. Why wait to streamline the way your company uses PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices? Get your questions answered today. 

With the increasing demand for flexibility and mobility in the modern workplace, VDI offers unparalleled advantages for businesses looking to adapt to evolving work trends. By centralizing desktop environments, VDI enables employees to seamlessly transition between devices and locations without compromising performance or security. This level of agility empowers organizations to embrace remote work arrangements, facilitate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, and accommodate the diverse needs of their workforce. With PCS's expertise in VDI implementation and management, you can unlock the full potential of virtual desktop infrastructure to drive innovation, collaboration, and efficiency across your organization. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your workplace dynamics and future-proof your business with VDI. Contact PCS today to embark on your journey towards a more agile and resilient IT environment.


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Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Employees can work from any device and location with access to their desktop environments and applications through VDI, increasing work-from-home productivity.

  • Improved Security: Desktop management and storage of data in the data center reduces the risk of a data breach and enables better management of sensitive data with VDI.

  • Simplified IT Management: Management of desktop environments and applications on the cloud enables easy deployment and updates from a single console and decreased device-specific maintenance makes IT management simple with VDI.

  • Cost Savings: VDI supports server-side processing that eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades, and significant energy savings reduce the overall cost of ownership.

  • Disaster recovery: Quick access and continued operations ensure quick disaster recovery and desktop environments and data recovery after a hardware failure alleviate slowdowns with VDI.

  • Increased Scalability: VDI provides greater flexibility on demand by enabling organizations to scale up or down based on operational needs, and organizations can easily adapt to changes in the workforce or IT requirements with VDI.

  • Support for BYOD: Virtual infrastructure supports BYOD by allowing employees to access secure applications and data on their devices, leading to increased satisfaction with BYOD.

  • Simplified Compliance: VDI provides simpler processes for compliance with regulations that require centralized storage and data integrity, ensuring data confidentiality through security.

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