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Server Management

IT Server Management Services

IT server management services encompass everything you need to manage your server and make sure it is up and running correctly for the maximum amount of time. This can include:

  • Handling the actual setup and configuration of the server and the software that runs on it
  • Updating that software and the server when necessary
  • Monitoring the server and everything running on the server
  • Making sure the server is up and running optimally so no issues are interfering with regular operation
  • Dealing with other server management issues that may arise

Whether a one-person operation or large enterprise, if you have a server, you need server management. But do you really want to manage your own server? Lastly, infrastructure isn't the business you are in. Therefore it absolutely makes sense to commission this delicate part of your operations into the hands of professionals doesn't it?

Server issues can often be resolved much more promptly, and effectively by professional server management personnel. Isn’t that better than needing to take your own time to manage and troubleshoot servers?

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PCS is Your Source Server Management Solutions

In today’s highly competitive business environment, just one unplanned network failure can result in extended downtime and grow into a severe financial hit for your company. If you employ full-time on-site IT staff, you’re limited by their knowledge and capabilities network troubles strike. Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a simpler, friendlier, and more cost-effective way to access managed network services?

The good news is that PCS has taken the hassle and worry out of IT infrastructure support. We’re a leading managed network services provider that always operates with a human touch that is focused first and foremost on your company’s needs. That means we never talk down to you or use techno-speak that makes you feel overwhelmed or ill-informed.

Unlike with other managed network services companies, when you choose PCS for your network management services, you get:

  • A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Access to our team of highly trained IT professionals
  • Live customer service representatives staffing our call line
  • Our commitment to always address you in plain, straightforward language that makes you feel respected and heard

In addition, with PCS managing your network, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your business will experience less downtime. Moreover, in the event something does go wrong, you’ll have full access to the correct expertise you need to rectify the situation you face. The result is more continuity and productivity for your business — and far less worry for you.

Available Services

Core Support Services

Focused on the immediate, day-to-day IT support needs of end-users

Strategic IT Consulting

Designed for services that provide high-level IT strategy, planning, and management