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Welcome to the TechTank3

The new TechTank3 is Anthony Mongeluzo's mobile PCS office.

Boasting a workstation with dual monitors, a printer, and a terabyte of mobile data for up to 30 concurrent connections, the TechTank3 also includes the necessary comforts to power business activities on the road like an espresso machine, a captain's chair that reclines into a bed, a refrigerator, and even a restroom.

The technology inside the TechTank3 ensures Anthony is always on, always connected. Keep an eye out for the TechTank3 on the road near you!

PCS-TechTank3 Exterior - website


TechTank photos for web - Ant Inside1
TechTank photos for web - side
TechTank photos for web - back
TechTank photos for web - Ant Inside2