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It’s NOT about us, it’s really about YOU.

IT companies love to describe themselves through the veneer of tech talk, industry double-speak and even a dose of hype.

At PCS, we look at it a bit differently, because it really isn’t about what we can do, though that’s important, it’s how we handle and respond to you that ultimately matter — especially when the clock is ticking (quietly) and your system has problems or "goes down."

Here's the simple truth. All of our services are an important component to our clients’ IT platform. That’s why we offer the breadth and depth of services on which PCS built its reputation. These technical attributes include:

  • LiveLine – Instant IT Support by YOUR team.

    We describe it as PCS’s Liveline. It’s bringing the body back into the IT business, because when you call PCS and need a technician, you get a “real” technician who’s ready to help. We will customize the assistance by directing you to your team or turn to a resource that has the specific answer. (We even have a solution if you have that after-hours emergency.)

  • Single Source Provider for IT Service.

    Now you can finally say sayonara to that IT consultant, the person who comes in and out, and you wonder aloud, “What are they doing, and why does the bill always make me cringe?” PCS saves its clients the pain, disruption and quandary of who to call for which problem. By being a single provider across your entire IT platform, it only takes a single phone call or email for us to respond immediately. Our “secret” is out. We assign a Client Chief Information Officer to each account who manages and moves on any issues that arise within your business. You get the benefit of a CIO without having to add one to your payroll.

  • Hardware and Software.

    We have long-standing relationships with the largest and most reliable vendors in the industry. This ensures that you get the hardware and software solutions that fit your business. We have quick turnaround time on the hardware, and our pricing is superior, which allows us to pass on discounts to you.

  • Project Work.

    Suddenly you have that new, large client or a special need that never existed before. Our project work service allows us to focus on the immediate and unexpected rush (there’s usually a “sudden” deadline) without creating permanent layers of cost. We can ramp up and slow down as the project dictates because of your structural or personnel demands or budget constraints. What we will do is create a plan and a platform for the project that will satisfy you.

  • Technology Spend Reduction.

    Technology costs can be burdensome, yet every business owner knows that they must remain at the top of their intelligence and competitive curve to avoid losing market share. We can provide an audit that will help reduce your IT costs without sacrificing quality, speed, reliability or your ability to ramp up if the need arises.

What No One Tells You About Managed IT Services

After the hype, the jargon and the scare tactics that some companies use, you are left with a simple but critical choice. Who will actually solve any technical problems that occur? Who has the first-class technical skills, the ability to explain and speak in plain English, and who thinks about your business as part of their business?

At PCS, we create a team dedicated to your business. You will know the team members. When problems arise (and they almost always do), they are there not just to assist but to solve your dilemma. They are not some voice from a distant land but a team of experts immediately at hand, who collaborate to find the problem, fix it and finish it so that it doesn’t occur again. At PCS, we always provide you with first-class technical expertise, our inspired person-to-person service and a culture that promotes building strong relationships.

At the end of the day, we have one more ever-present commitment: dedicating ourselves to protecting the digital space of your business.


PCS is a nationally award winning IT service firm. Our goal is to provide our clients with IT Solutions that are “Built to Scale” for their business needs. Our core values are team work, trust, out of the box thinking, and creating a positive impact in the communities we service.

We have physical offices in Moorestown, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, and Buena, NJ.

Our team of over 80 professionals provide around the clock service to ensure we are always available to meet our client’s needs. One of our unique offerings is a service we provide to all of our clients, LIVELINE, which enables our clients to call our office and receive immediate assistance at any time.

At PCS, we credit our team’s “out of the box thinking” as one of the main reasons we have been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the region for almost a decade. Our goal has been to create a positive business ecosystem where our team members, our clients, our vendors, and the community all benefit by supporting each other and working together.

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