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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

PCS computer support technicians are highly trained and cover all levels of computer infrastructure experience. When you contact us, we jump into action to develop an infrastructure management support solution designed to match your company’s specific needs.

We also make sure the professionals working on your account actually know your business. So when you contact us for computer support service, you won’t waste a lot of time trying to explain what you do, what kind of computers you’re using, and what you need. If you don’t have an infrastructure support system in place right now, you’re risking unnecessary downtime, lost productivity, added frustration, increased stress, and more.

IT infrastructure consists of physical and software components that support the user's activities and services to complete business functions. Examples include applications, servers that host the applications, data centers housing the servers, and network infrastructure providing access to business applications and servers.

We understand the critical role that IT infrastructure plays in enabling seamless business operations and driving productivity. Our team of computer support technicians is well-versed in the intricacies of both physical and software components that constitute IT infrastructure. Whether it's troubleshooting hardware issues, optimizing server performance, or ensuring network reliability, we're committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your organization's unique requirements. 

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What is IT Infrastructure Management?

IT infrastructure management covers the main IT infrastructure elements needed to deliver business services including the software and physical network devices which are the primary focus of IT infrastructure management.

What are the Components of IT Infrastructure Management?

IT infrastructure managers are responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and retirement of components:

  • Computer Hardware Platforms – Includes laptops and desktop PCs along with servers and mainframes
  • Software Applications – Oversight of important enterprise software like Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle
  • Operating Systems – Operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX that run on computer hardware
  • Data Management and Storage – Oversight of the physical components of data storage (like servers) as well as the software used to organize databases (Oracle, MySQL, IBM)
  • Networking and Telecommunications – This includes the internal network covering everything from virtual network software (Microsoft Windows server, Cisco, etc.), physical telecommunications infrastructure (telephones, routers, etc.), and internet infrastructure like websites (hosted on internal or external servers) and web software development tools.

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure management benefits include:

IT infrastructure management benefits include:

  • Increases in response time to disruptions and operations changes
  • Automation to drive cost reductions
  • Efficiencies in employee operations
  • System downtime reduction

Do I need Computer Management Support for Infrastructure?

How do you answer this: What is my plan right now for when my computers go down?

  • I try to fix the issue myself which takes me away from the true focus on my job.
  • I have an expensive IT team on staff to take care of problems.
  • I go online and search for a technical support provider as needed.

While these are common responses, they are rarely the best ones for your business.

Having IT support staff on your payroll can put a serious strain on your company’s budget, especially since they may be spending a lot of time doing nothing but collecting a salary while waiting for something to go wrong. Even if keeping one or two IT professionals on the payroll isn’t cost-prohibitive, you can never be sure if they will be enough to handle problems when they arise. After all, computers and devices don’t agree to fail at different times, and if you run into multiple problems at once, your IT support staff may quickly become overwhelmed.

Professional computer technical support services help you avoid this problem because you’re only paying for the service you need and are not committed to paying the yearly salary of a person or the entire staff. Moreover, you won’t have to go hunting for someone to help when problems occur because you will have a professional computer technical support team ready to resolve the issue at your location, on the phone, or online. Having customer technical support service guarantees that your issue will be resolved without taking time away from your responsibilities.

Available Services

Core Support Services

Focused on the immediate, day-to-day IT support needs of end-users

Strategic IT Consulting

Designed for services that provide high-level IT strategy, planning, and management