As part of our built to scale approach to IT, PCS often tailors solutions to leverage the convenience and affordability of cloud-based services when they’re a good fit for a client’s specific needs.

What are cloud services?


Simply put, cloud services allow us to access resources, hardware, software and information on demand, in real-time, over the Internet, as opposed to accessing it from a company’s on-premise server(s). In other words, cloud services extend the IT capabilities of traditional, in-office solutions by making the same information available as an online version.

PCS utilizes cloud services from third-party vendors such as Google, Microsoft and McAfee instead of offering homegrown solutions. Unlike many other IT consulting firms, which market their own rebadged, low-budget cloud service platforms that aren’t as reliable, robust or secure, we believe clients deserve the best solutions out there from the leading names in the industry. As a result, our clients never have to worry about being held hostage by investing in a subpar cloud services platform that only PCS offers.

We identify and implement cloud services to serve any number of IT needs including, but not limited to:

  • Hosted email
  • Online data storage and remote backup
  • Spam filtering
  • Document sharing and collaboration
  • And many others...

What makes cloud services convenient?


Cloud services are convenient on a number of levels. Integrating the cloud in your IT solution enables you to access the same data and resources available on the server at your office from just about anywhere – so long as your device is connected to the Internet.

This access also means greater security and backup power. Should something happen to your on-premise system, you can still recover everything from the cloud. In addition, cloud-based solutions can be set up in substantially less time than most traditional on-site IT solutions – we’re talking implementation that takes just hours to days versus weeks to months.

What makes cloud services affordable?


Cloud services offer the same IT capabilities that are accessible to large businesses but do so at a cost that’s affordable for smaller businesses.

The cloud eliminates the need for expensive, on-site IT solutions with high upfront costs while still providing the same technology offerings. Furthermore, cloud services such as web-hosted email have predictable, monthly rates based on usage.

Eliminate the need for expensive, on-site IT solutions.

Would you like to learn more about how cloud services can help your business? For a free consultation and analysis, simply call (877) 596-4446 or email We’ll take care of the rest.

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