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At PCS, we offer IT support services for all types of technology, including Office 365, Virtual Servers & Desktops and Cloud Computing.


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Does PCS have the IT tech support services that your business needs?

The answer is absolutely yes.

How can we be so sure? Because we provide technical support for every different type of technology. We don’t specialize in tech support services for just cloud computing or only virtual private networks or just Office 365 — we do it all.

But if we don’t specialize in something, how can we be sure we can solve your problem? Because while we offer general IT support services, without that support is a team of specialists, including multiple professionals who specialize in just the type of tech support you need.

We have structured our business this way on purpose, so we can give you an individualized experience you expect from a small local company — but with the resources of a large company. We have done it by assembling a team of more than 100 IT professionals at the top of their game, with an array of skills that cover all levels of IT and all types of IT service. Not only can we deliver just the right person to help you with your IT support needs, but we can deliver them to you fast.

The Technologies We Work with Include:

Server Virtualization

Businesses are learning it is far more efficient to create a virtual server infrastructure than to dedicate a separate server computer to each major application. Server virtualization is a great solution that reduces your energy consumption and makes your server setup much more manageable.

At PCS, we’ll help you choose the right virtualization solution for your business. We can assist you with both Hyper-V and VMWare virtualization solutions and manage them on-site or using a cloud-based system. We will discuss the options until you’re comfortable choosing the virtualization solution that is right for you. We offer virtual server infrastructure setup & on-going IT support.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

PCS offers desktop virtualization services to streamline & transform the way your office uses PCs, including virtual desktop infrastructure setup. If you have never heard of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure before, you may be delighted to learn that a VDI is an efficient, highly cost-effective way of working in the modern business environment, allowing your employees the benefits of portable devices like laptops and tablets with the server-based computer power you usually only expect to find on a desktop machine. We can explain your virtual workstation options and set up your whole office.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

When you work with PCS, we’ll use your firewalls or VPN hardware and configure VPN services on them to help your company gain the security it needs. Hacking is a growing danger in today’s digital environment, and if your company has sensitive data to protect, you may want to avoid exposing that data to a public network. We can help you avoid all the complications and pitfalls of setting up a Virtual Private Network and make sure you have a smoothly-operating VPN that keeps your data away from public consumption.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an extremely efficient way of handling your business IT because:

  • You do not need to worry about physical data storage
  • Lost data is much less likely
  • Your employees will have an easier time accessing needed files and applications
  • You can scale much more quickly

IT cloud services from PCS refer to everything that goes into making sure your cloud computing is working for you, from setting up your cloud computing services to cloud management and resolving issues that may arise with networking with the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

At PCS, we make migrating to Office 365 easy for your company. Our expert consultants will set up the Microsoft Office 365 Suite for your business & offer on-going support. Even if you’re already using some features of Microsoft Office 365, we can help you access so much more and make sure everything is running smoothly.


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