Cyber Training … Why Is It Important?

Cyber security is one of the most important things in today’s technology world. 

From data breaches to just taking someone’s banking information, hackers are now being more creative with their tactics. But, there are plenty of ways to always stay alert so you can keep on top of any security threat.

Cyber Security Training

You hear this term a lot and it’s something that has been harped about … But why is it so important?

The workplace has evolved throughout the years and technology has been a big party of that transformation. Adding in the risk of having someone come into your personal information and even company data means workplaces need to have more security.  Firewalls and anti-virus protections are simply not enough for hackers.  Hackers have been more creative with their tactics and scams that now everyone needs to be more alert!

Having the ability to know what is a threat and what is just your daily routine is important.
|Cyber security training can help you recognize different types of threats using simulators and common hacker moves.

If you can’t recognize emails, links, or even phone calls, you can be potentially putting a company at risk for a data breach.
You always want to be alert with any email that is coming to you!


Having the ability to be one step above a hacker is challenging. One way is by having simulations will help you see the different kinds of attacks and how you can prevent your company from having a data breach and/or information deleted/stolen.

In 2020, there was an estimated amount of 1001 cases.
That’s 1001 cases that could of probably been avoided if companies has cyber security training.

Data breaches are getting worse and users are not aware of the risks!

Employees are often the primary targets for hackers looking to get into critical business systems.
Rather than trying to breach a secure network or system through external means, it’s much easier for hackers to pretend to be authorized members of a company while they inflict their damage from the inside and do so undetected.

Sadly, many employees don’t even realize how important cybersecurity training really is for the organization they work for.
Even worse, according to a survey of over 4,500 employees, 22% of employees don’t feel like they should be obligated to keep their employer’s information safe.

Employees handle the information on an everyday basis, so a hacker will come to them first before anyone else. Internal attacks are easier.

Don’t wait to get cyber security training. You could not only protect the company, but you can even protect your own information!

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Keep Your Passwords Safe and Your Information Safer!

How can you save your passwords and still keep your information safe?!

Password safety is something that is only mentioned when you want a strong password that is more than 8 characters, has at least one number, and has a special character in it.  Nothing that will be too obviously like “password1!”  that you use repetitively. Your information deserves to be protected without worrying about having to just write your passwords down on a post-it.
One thing that is challenging is that you want to store your many of passwords without the fear of hackers. 
But no one just wants to have software they know nothing about.

Here at PCS, we’re here to help you ease your mind without having a difficult route along the way.

So … What can help with this issue?

A password manager is program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords for local applications and online services. It assists in generating and retrieving complicated passwords, storing the passwords in an encrypted database or calculating them on demand. 
Having this will allow users to change passwords often for safety without forgetting them every time.

Password information should be stored safely with a password manager.  Users don’t want to have to worry about a NEW issue of whether or not the password manager is safe.

We’ve got you covered!

Keepass Password Safe is a free and open-source password manager primarily for Windows.
It officially supports macOS and Linux operating systems as well through Mono.

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps to manage your passwords in a secure way.
You can store all your passwords in one database, which is locked with a master key.
You only have to remember one single master key to unlock the whole database.

Database files are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES-256, ChaCha20 and Twofish)
Keepass supports two-factor authentication, and has a Secure Desktop mode.
Password managers are safe, but having Keepass with ensure your information will always stay secure.


For more information about password manager or Keepass, call PCS today!



Keep Your Information Safe From Hackers!

We always try to make it harder for hackers to get into our information. Hackers don’t want to work too hard to get information.
There’s a few different things that can help keep your data safe and protected, but one easy way to do it is  …

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method that a device user is granted access to a website or application only AFTER successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to an authentication mechanism: knowledge (something only the user knows), possession (something only the user has), and inherence (something only the user is).

Having multi-factor authentication makes stealing your information harder for the average criminal. If your information is hard to get into, it becomes less enticing to the average hacker and makes them move on to the next person.

Multi-factor authentication adds a second or third (or more) factor to the login process for company resources (apps, services, servers, etc.).  You can use multi-factor for banking accounts, emails, any sort of company program that has valuable information, and even email!

Having a hacker try to get into your information should be a challenge for them! Not having your information backed up by different security could lead to deleted information or even a data breach that could potentially lead to danger within your company or even for yourself! I know … It’s hard to think that you can’t just get into an app or even a site without having to use a code to get into it, but once you do it for a while it feels like second nature! You’ll be thanking yourself for it and happy you went with it.
Hackers are only getting more advanced with their strategies to get into your personal and company information.  Finding different strategies and approaches will help you continue to keep your data safe.  With multi-factor authentication, you are able to use security codes, questions, tokens, and other ways to make sure you are the only person able to get into the system and having access to the information.

There are a few different products out there that can help you get started, but talking to your IT company will help you see what is best for you and your company!

Always remember … The more a hacker needs to try, the less enticing your information is!!!

If you need more information or you are looking to start multi-factor authentication for your company, contact PCS today!

Don’t Know How To Protect Your Company’s Data?

Data is one of the most important assets that your company has and needs your attention.

Having cloud connections can ensure the security of primary or additional backups in a cloud repository may be not enough to ensure data security for you.

The backed-up data may become unavailable because of a malicious attack or unintentional action on your end. Meaning that a user could hack into your companies data and do severe damage to your company’s reputation!

The data can also be accidentally deleted from a cloud repository or because of a mistake done during the configuration of backup jobs and settings. There are many ways to lose data in such a quick amount of time. But, there are ways to ensure more safety for your company’s data!

iland has come up with the Secure Cloud Backup Insider Protection! iland Insider Protection protects you from both straightforward deletion of all backups from the Veeam console, as well more sophisticated attacks.  Everyone has concerns with their backup files and they could be deleted accidentally or a hacker could get in and delete it.  With Insider protection, you can sit comfortably and be confident that there is a copy of your backups available. iland Insider Protection enables you to recover a full backup deleted by mistake, but more importantly it also protects you from malicious attacks from outside threats.

With iland Insider Protection, backup files deleted accidentally or maliciously are retained in an air-gapped directory. This file system is only accessible to technicians.

iland Insider Protection protects you from both straightforward
deletion of all backups from the Veeam console, as well more
sophisticated attacks

iland Insider Protection is just what you need to keep your data protected and your company safe.  iland also has great support 24/7 with reliable sources and will be able to recover your information quickly.

For more information or you’re interested on continuing to keep your business safe, contact PCS today!

Don’t Know How To Tell If It’s A Phishing Scam? Cyber Training Will Help!

Phishing scams can be hard to recognize if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Email scams are the most common.  Clicking on a link within the email could compromise all your information AND your companies. But, there’s always a way to help you and your employees understand what phishing scams look like and how to prevent them.

Barracuda has come up with a solution to keep business owners and employees safe by having them understand what a phishing scam looks like.  We want to help you and help you protect yourselves from a data breach.  Not only is this good for companies, but this is good for anyone! Phishing scams don’t only happen in a business, it happens every day through your own personal emails as well. Well … Here’s your solution!.

Barracuda PhishLine

Barracuda PhishLine is the awareness training that is needed to help recognize and be aware of phishing scams. Simplifying security awareness allows everyone to understand what to look for in an email to determine what is real and what is a phishing trap.


Here are some ways Barracuda PhishLine educates:


Simulate email threats

Select from hundreds of real-world threat templates, taken directly from Barracuda’s massive threat database, and expose your users to the latest email threat types.  It will go over the top 13 email threats you typically will see and you will learn ways to fight them.

Analyze user behavior.

Receive detailed marks on user behavior to assess your security risks and suggest your training approach. PhishLine captures thousands of data points to give you deeper and more useful insights into exactly where your risks exist so you can precisely target your awareness programs.

Educate to mitigate risk.

Choose from a large variety of engaging training content, designed to meet your needs.


Cyber training sounds better than you think, doesn’t it?

Having these resources helps keeps users aware as well as having companies safe. While keeping your company safe, you also need to think about your users.  The more aware your users are, the better the security is!

Adding the additional cyber training to your cyber security will only help benefit yourself and your users.  Cyber training can also help with personal life and allowing your users to go home and keep those lessons in their mind as they read their own personal emails.

Barracuda PhishLine gives you the option to create a completely customized program or opt for the Quick Launch process to get an awareness campaign up and running in under a minute.

Barracuda offers a complete, multi-layered email security solution that combines email awareness training, email security gateway functions, and API-based inbox defense. Total Email Protection eliminates the integration and support aggravation that typically come along with multi-vendor solutions.

Barracuda PhishLine offers so much education without the hassle of trying to find the right one.

Don’t wait. Make sure you’re getting your cyber training!

For more information or wanting to get started on your cyber training, contact PCS today!

IT Help Straight To Your Door!

20 years ago, a college kid helped out his next door neighbor with a computer issue. 

After that day, PCS was born.

PCS started off residentially by providing affordable skilled IT support throughout the area.  As time progressed, PCS moved on to the commercial end of IT.  Now, with the need greater than ever for affordable, reliable, skilled support, PCS At Home is Reborn!

PCS At Home has skilled techs coming out to your home whenever an issue occurs.  With our excellent customer service and our dedication to the community, finding IT help for your home shouldn’t be stressful.  You don’t think all that shouldn’t be in one sentence? Because we do!


PCS At Home offers a wide variety of services that any home would need help with.  Our talented and skilled techs can be there when you need it.




We’re here to help make your life easier even during a stressful situation.

For more information or if you need help with any technical issues in your home, you can contact PCS at or by calling 856-291-6656.

What Happens If Your Business Experiences A Breach?

“My business is experiencing a breach!”

This statement is something you NEVER want to hear.  But, there is a solution to avoid even thinking about it and we’re here to tell you about it.

The Critical Incident Response Team is here and ready to take on all your emergency IT needs.

Emergency IT help should be no more than a piece of mind.

Usually those two things don’t go together in one sentence.  Here at PCS, we provide live 24/7 help for you and your business so there is no waiting!

The Rapid Response Field Service comes with a variety of features that you will love.


support staff working on his computer

All solutions are 100% customizable with no lengthy contracts. With PCS, you get the attention and service you require. This means you never get stuck paying for something you don’t need or being talked into a lengthy agreement for services you’ll never use. Instead, PCS gives you the attention and service you require. That’s why you’re never locked into a contract with PCS.

We provide Remote Monitoring and 24/7 Remote Support.  You should be able to sleep knowing that your servers are always up and running. We catch the issue before it even occurs.   For a fixed and affordable monthly rate, PCS can perform remote monitoring of your network, hardware and software so you have the advantage of being proactive instead of reactive to IT issues.

When you have a question or feel like we missed something, we are ready to respond whenever you have an issue.  At PCS, we know that issues don’t only occur during business hours, but at the most inconvenient times.  Our well-trained IT consultants are ready day and night to respond to all your needs. Don’t wait until business hours to try to solve your problems, it’ll be too late! PCS is here for you.

Convenience is key and we’re here to provide!

For more information or need assistance, you may reach us at our website or by emailing