New Microsoft Surface Laptops – Now With Windows 11

Microsoft had their Surface Laptop announcement on 9/22 with new devices … Including a new phone!
We’re here to go over the basics of what to expect in the new Surface products.
All new Surface products have Windows 11.

Surface Laptop Studio

The Surface Laptop Studio has a three-position display, a slimmer, sleeker profile and 14-inch size. It will replace the Surface Book 3. Some of the things with this laptop that we don’t like are that it has nonremovable memory and service center-only storage upgrades.

It has a sleek 14.4″ 120HZ PixelSense Flow touchscreen. It is the most powerful Surface laptop with it’s Quad-core powered 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H Series processors and has up to 32GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate.

More features that come with the Surface Laptop Studio:

  • 14.4″ touchscreen
  • 16GB or 32GB LPDDR4x RAM
  • Windows Hello face authentication camera (front-facing)
  • 1080p resolution front facing camera.
  • Dual far-field Studio Mics

Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro 8 is a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet as Microsoft announced. With its kickstand, anyone can watch videos at any angle at any given time. It comes with the 11th Gen Intel cor Processors and having all day battery power. You can stay connected all day with 16-hours of battery power so users can stay connected anywhere. The Surface Pro 8 has High-speed connections with two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports and it is only 1.96lbs!

The Surface Pro 8 has Windows 11 and it is a great way to stay connected with more power. You can use their new Surface Slim Pen 2 to stay creative and it is ideal to maneuver throughout the laptop/tablet.

It has a larger 13″ touchscreen, built-in 5.0MP 1080p front-facing camera and 10MP 4K rear-facing camera, dedicated charging port, and Wi-Fi 6 for ultra-fast bandwidth.
The new Surface Pro 8 comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of memory as well as Firmware TPM chip for enterprise-grade security and BitLocker support and enterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello face sign-in.

More features that come with the Surface Pro 8:

  • Screen: 13” PixelSense™ Flow Display
  • Resolution: 2880 x 1920 (267 PPI)
  • Up to 120Hz refresh rate (60Hz default).
  • Removable solid-state drive (SSD) options: 128GB or 256GB
  • 512GB or 1TB of storage
  • Windows Hello face authentication camera (front-facing)
  • 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p full HD video
  • 10.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p HD and 4k video

Surface Pro X

The Surface Pro X is designed to keep up anywhere.
With it having a 13″ touchscreen, it can see and do more on the hi-res, virtually edge-to-edge PixelSense™ Display, navigate naturally on screen with touch, and with its signature 3:2 aspect ratio means that you’re viewing Word docs, websites and more perfectly scaled.
It has a custom-built Microsoft processor delivers fast, 8-core performance which can multitask across Microsoft 365* apps and multiple tabs and enjoy console caliber gaming.

More features that come with the Surface Pro X:

  • Available with optional Gigabit LTE4
  • Built-in, front-facing camera with 1080p HD video, backed by dual Studio Mics and optimized speakers for the best calling experience yet on Surface Pro
  • 2 USB-C® ports connect to 4K external monitors, charge your phone, or use a USB drive
  • 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of memory
  • Screen: 13” PixelSense™ Display
  • Resolution: 2880×1920 (267 PPI)
  • Aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Touch: 10 point multi-touch

Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3 is ready to go anywhere with you!
It has a 10.5″ touchscreen display that is easy to go wherever you need it. Perfect for easy tasks, homework, and play.
Windows 11 is built-in and you can plug it in using a USB-C Port.
This is one of Microsoft’s more “basic” models.

More features that come with the Surface Duo 2:

  • Choice of faster Intel® Pentium® Gold or Intel® Core™ i3 processor
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • All-day battery life up to 11 hours
  • 4GB or 8GB memory
  • Enterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello face sign-in
  • Windows Hello face authentication camera (front-facing)
  • 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p HD video
  • 8.0MP rear-facing auto-focus camera with 1080p HD video

Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 is a 2 screen smartphone with lightening-fast 5G¹. One of the key features of the original Surface Duo was its ability to “span” apps across both its displays, putting an image on one side for example, and editing options on the other. You can also drag and drop items from one screen to the other, taking something you were editing for example and dropping it into a Microsoft Teams chat.

Microsoft did upgrade their cameras. With the dynamic triple lens camera, instantly capture vibrant, high-quality photos and 4K video across two screens, while viewing, editing, and delivering them across your devices.

More features that come with the Surface Duo 2:

  • Two high-resolution touchscreens light up new reading, gaming, and entertainment experiences
  • Open and see any two apps on each screen to easily compare or copy and paste content
  • Front-facing Camera: 12MP, f/2.0, 24 mm,1.0µm. Flash: Dual led – dual color flash
  • Photos:
    • Auto mode with low-light & HDR multi-frame photo capture and dynamic range scene detection
    • Dedicated night photography mode
    • Smooth Zoom between all 3 Rear Facing Camera combined with digital super zoom up to 10x
    • Portrait mode with adjustable depth control. Portrait mode supported for wide and tele camera. Machine learning used for portrait mode
    • Panorama mode with wide dynamic range
    • Capture short video during photo capture with long press
    • Capture photos during video recording
  • Video recording:
    • HDR Video
    • 4K video recording at 30 fps and 60 fps
    • 1080p video recording at 30 fps and 60 fps
    • Slow motion video at 120 or 240fps
    • HEVC and H.264 video recording formats
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • Battery Life
    • Up to 15.5 hours of Local Video Playback
    • Up to 28 hours of Talk Time

We have attached links to each product provided within the article for more information.


Microsoft Issues URGENT Security Warning … Update Your PC Immediately!

Microsoft is urging Windows users to immediately install an update.
Security researchers found a serious vulnerability in the operating system.
We’re here to help you better understand what is going on and how to update your system!


The PrintNightmare flaw is a major security risk for enterprises, where print spoolers are used on Windows machines. Microsoft considered it serious enough to rush out a patch last week. The researchers announced in late May that they found vulnerabilities in Print Spooler, which allows multiple users to access a printer. They published a proof-of-concept online by mistake and subsequently deleted it, but sadly not before it was published elsewhere online.

Microsoft warned that hackers could exploit the vulnerability and be able to install programs, view and delete data or even create new user accounts with full user rights.

Who Is Affected?

Anyone using Windows 10 and earlier are affected! Microsoft urges that everyone using Windows should update their systems IMMEDIATELY.

How To Update Your Windows PC

Updating is simple and fast!

  1. Select the Start button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Update & security
  4. Windows Update

This will help update your computer to the most recent Windows update.  Below is a picture example on how to update your PC.

Microsoft also released a patch for Windows 11. Its newest operating system, due out soon, is currently available to beta testers.

For help on updating your system, contact PCS!

More News From Microsoft About Windows 11

Microsoft has released more updates and info about Windows 11. Here is what to expect!

Start Menu Moved

The start menu is no longer at the bottom left of your PC desktop.  Don’t worry, you can move it back!  The redesign of the iconic Windows menu is now in the center of the screen rather than the corner.  It allows you to quickly see pinned apps, as well as a few recommended apps based on what you’ve used before.

Windows 11 also is coming with productivity shortcuts. If you  have multiple apps and windows going at once, you can hover over any window to reveal different options for organizing your screen. Maybe it’s two windows side by side, or one big window with a few smaller ones floating next to it. Click on the configuration you want, and your windows will “snap” into that shape.

Microsoft Won’t Confirm Which CPUs Work With Windows 11 … Yet

Microsoft is making another attempt at clarifying the minimum requirements for Windows 11, as stated in their blog post.  The post is clear that Intel 6th Gen Skylake and earlier CPUs, along with non-Zen AMD processors, will not meet “principles around security and reliability and minimum system requirements for Windows 11.”  That lines up with the company’s original statement that Windows 11 would require Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs and up, but there is some hope for Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake and Zen 1 users.

Where it gets a little confusing is the first Inside build of Windows 11 won’t require TPM 2.0 or specific CPUs.  Microsoft will be paying attention to users with Intel 7th Gen CPUs and AMD Zen 1 CPUs to see if they’re getting the performance that Microsoft is looking for, especially when it comes to reliability and security.

Download Windows 11 As A Free Upgrade Later This Year

Windows 11 should be available around the 2021 holiday season.  It will be a free update to owners of Windows 10 PCs.  There are some hardware requirements, such as a newer processor, four gigabytes of RAM and at least 64 gigabytes of storage. Microsoft has a PC-checker tool you can use.

Support on Windows 10 Software

If you don’t decide to upgrade, Microsoft confirmed that it will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025.  If you choose not to upgrade, you may lose opportunity on security settings that will continue to keep your PC and data safe. We highly suggest taking the opportunity to upgrade immediately when it is available.

We will continue report as more details unfold!