Spear Phishing VS Phishing … How To Prevent From Being Attacked

We all have heard of the term “Spear Phishing” and just assume that it is the same thing as just phishing.  It is in the similar category, but it is in fact a different form of phishing that exceeds the broad range of cyber attacks.

Let’s take this image and use it as a metaphor to help better understand the terms.

When you are fishing and you aren’t targeting on one particular fish, you are open to a broad range of different fish and aren’t specific on what you catch.  You use your basic line and hook to see what you catch in the heat of the moment.

When you are out spear fishing, you want a particular fish and the spear targets the exact fish you are looking for and can reel it in.  You do research on your specific fish you are looking for and get all the right equipment together.  when you see it and the time is right, you go right for it and attack.


Phishing is using a broad-stroke approach that involves sending bulk emails to massive lists of unsuspecting contacts.  Phishing doesn’t aim for a specific target, but hopes that a target will just go in and fall for the bait they lie within the email.

Spear Phishing is targeted and personalized to a specific individual, group, or organization. They send emails to specific and well-researched targets while acting to be a trusted sender. The goal is to either infect devices with malware or convince their victims to hand over information or money.

What can you do to prevent spear phishing or any form of phishing?

Cybir supports Ironscales (a self-learning email security platform to stop phishing attacks) to deliver an advanced email security platform with machine learning capabilities.  Cybir implements regular testing of employee security awareness via phishing campaigns.

Cybir has a few different jobs that will help keep you and your business safe against spear phishing threats:

  • Responding to all alerts raised within the platform
  • Verifying all mailboxes within Client organization receive necessary protection coverage
  • Creation and deployment of phishing campaigns on a monthly basis
  • Creation of reports to Client detailing results of phishing campaigns
  • Work with Client to schedule and deploy learning modules to end users
  • Review and respond to all alerts and suspicious activity within the platform
  • Review and respond to all email submitted for review by end user


Cybir offers key features to keep users safe of any acts of phishing within the company. With the jobs they have while incorporating their key features. it has the extra protection that can save the company from experiencing a data breach and losing any valuable information.

Spear phishing attacks a particular person and/or company.  Be careful on emails that you are being sent and watch out for the email addresses that are attached to the email.  Make sure to let your IT company know so they can further investigate the issue, but having more backup that can go on after hours is helpful for these kinds of scams.  Get to the root of the problem before the problem gets to you!

For more information or to continue keeping your business safe, contact PCS by phone or by emailing help@helpmepcs.com.