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From unlimited, ongoing IT service to need-based assistance and one-off project support, PCS tailors a solution to suit your needs.

Project Based Have an IT project that you don't have the internal capabilities to tackle? Let us handle it!

Regardless of whether or not you have an existing IT department, you may not have the physical capabilities to handle the technology needs of your business. Our proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure emphasises an easy, predictable budget.

Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a handful, need help setting up a business email account or a whole cluster of servers, our approach is the same every time: you tell us about your business’s IT needs, we assess all the possible solutions and then hand-craft a project-based IT plan of action that fits those needs.

Our project-oriented IT support is perfect for jobs of any size, whether you require them on-site or remotely anywhere in the world. PCS’s diverse and experienced team is equipped to manage projects ranging from standard to business-specific, including:

Checkmark Implementing cloud-based email
One of our most popular IT outsourcing services for companies large and small is adding cloud-based email to a company’s network. Cloud-based email is an ideal candidate for outsourced IT because it usually only needs to be implemented once. Afterwards, it generally runs itself, although our remote network support services also, of course, include technical support for your cloud-based email should it become necessary.

If you do not have cloud-based email yet, you may not realize the many benefits it can offer just about any company. It is easily scalable, allows remote access to work email for employees from almost anywhere, it's usually cheaper than networked email services, and it tends to be safer and more secure than on-site email.

We can quickly and affordably install your own cloud-based system so you can start enjoying these benefits right away.
Checkmark Building a new IT infrastructure from scratch
Our project-based IT services are ideal for new companies who want to get off on the right foot with their network, or old companies that have existed for decades on an analog model and are realizing that they must "go digital" to at least some extent to compete in today’s marketplace.

There are few things more intimidating to a new company or one that's going digital for the first time than trying to set up an IT infrastructure. If you have been putting it off due to stress over how complicated, expensive or time-consuming it will be, you don’t have to wait any longer. Just call PCS and we can take care of everything.

You will usually not want to hire a whole IT staff just to build your digital infrastructure. Once you have it in place, you may not have anything for these new employees to do, except perhaps to collect paychecks and wait for something to go wrong.

It’s much easier and more cost-effective to call PCS and let us set everything up and leave once finished, so we’re out of your hair and not on your payroll, ready to jump back in whenever you need us for remote network support services.
Checkmark Moving an entire IT infrastructure to a new office
Just like with building a new IT infrastructure from scratch, the last thing you want to have to do if you are moving your IT infrastructure to a new office is worry about hiring IT staff. If you hired us to build your original IT infrastructure, moving you will be super easy, since our staff will already be very familiar with you, your company, your staff and how your current IT infrastructure works.

But even if you’re new to our remote IT services, we’ll figure it out. We have a large staff of very knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are also courteous and easy to talk to, so you can be sure that we will listen to your needs when it comes to moving your infrastructure. Everything will be done to ensure your complete satisfaction.

These are just a few of the many remote network management services we can provide. If you have an IT project that you need help with it, just contact us. We are sure our complete range of remote IT services can accommodate your project.
Checkmark And more!

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PCS is a customer service company that happens to be really good with IT. We're the most helpful IT company in the world!

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Our project-based IT services are the most flexible IT service that we offer, customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to expand on your current IT or implement a completely new IT strategy, PCS can help.

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PCS is a customer service company that happens to be really good with IT. We’re the most helpful IT company in the world!

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