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PCS can serve as your own personal in-house IT team, minus the paystubs.

Managed IT Your business is unique.
So are you.

That’s why a one-size-fits-all IT solution just doesn’t cut it. Here at PCS, we provide custom-built IT plans to meet the needs of each client. Our goal is building the right solution – one that fits your technology needs, provides the right level of support and is cost-effective.

We get it - not every company has the know-how or the budget to fuel a full-time IT staff. In today's world, you've got small businesses looking for IT guidance and multi-million dollar corporations looking for ways to cut back on in-house costs. From unlimited, ongoing IT service to need-based assistance and one-off project support, PCS will create a custom solution that meets your individual needs without having to budget for a full-time staff.

No matter what kind of IT service you're looking for, we take the same approach every time. You let us know what your business needs, then we look at every kind of solution we can provide. From there, we create a hand-crafted solution that's tailored to your business and it's specific IT needs.

While each IT solution we create takes on a unique shape based on your needs, there are three basic types of service plans we customize and implement:

Checkmark On-Guard Services
If you are looking for fully-managed IT support with unlimited and ongoing service, On-Guard Services are your solution. We'll monitor your network to detect and solve problems before they happen. When issues do arise, we'll fix them. With this solution, PCS is at your beck and call 24/7 to handle your IT concerns. From routine maintenance to data backup, spam filtering, and even dealing with crises like a downed server, our team keeps constant watch over your IT system to address problems quickly and efficiently so you can focus on running your business.
Checkmark On-Demand Services
If you seek robust, reliable, and rapid IT service as your needs arise but do not want or need continuous support, our On-Demand services are for you. Trust PCS to be there with expert advice as soon as you need us, whether that's setting up a new employee on your network, removing a nasty virus from your computer, or performing network upgrades - we can handle it all.
Checkmark Project Services
We’re seasoned professionals when it comes to project management. Our focus is on you and the needs of your business. From network audits to risk analysis and upgrades to your infrastructure, PCS has an experienced team capable of handling your project-oriented IT.

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Every service that we offer was designed to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient IT solutions.

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Every service that we offer was designed to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient IT solutions. Are you looking for something more specific? Give us a call to discuss your unique IT needs.

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