IT Help Straight To Your Door!

20 years ago, a college kid helped out his next door neighbor with a computer issue. 

After that day, PCS was born.

PCS started off residentially by providing affordable skilled IT support throughout the area.  As time progressed, PCS moved on to the commercial end of IT.  Now, with the need greater than ever for affordable, reliable, skilled support, PCS At Home is Reborn!

PCS At Home has skilled techs coming out to your home whenever an issue occurs.  With our excellent customer service and our dedication to the community, finding IT help for your home shouldn’t be stressful.  You don’t think all that shouldn’t be in one sentence? Because we do!


PCS At Home offers a wide variety of services that any home would need help with.  Our talented and skilled techs can be there when you need it.




We’re here to help make your life easier even during a stressful situation.

For more information or if you need help with any technical issues in your home, you can contact PCS at or by calling 856-291-6656.