IT Network Support

When you and your staff simply can’t fix a problem with your IT network, what do you do? Depending on when the problem occurs, you’re probably well aware that every minute of unplanned downtime can cost your business a fortune. Just think about the profit losses a retailer would face if a major computer glitch occurred during the holiday shopping period.

If even the thought of a similar scenario around your business’s peak season makes you break out into a cold sweat, a network support company like PCS is the answer to all your computer and network management issues. Instead of picking up the phone after a problem occurs only to be put on hold and treated poorly by second-rate tech support, PCS provides you with computer networking services that are custom designed around your needs.

IT Network Services

Imagine it’s 3 a.m. on a Wednesday, and one of your servers fails. Or there’s inclement weather headed your way, and you’re not sure about when you last completed a data backup. In situations like these, it’s simply not sufficient to have an IT strategy that’s all about reacting to problems after they occur.

Dedication, talent and round-the-clock support are essential to staying ahead of issues like equipment failure, software updates, data backups, infrastructure expansions and cybersecurity problems. But if you’ve ever tried or considered hiring full-time IT staff, you’re aware that this option can be too costly for your business to afford and still leave you with insufficient staff and experience to handle certain situations.

The solution is to partner with PCS. We provide you with a virtual CIO and a customized IT network strategy shaped around your business, as well as access to a team of more than 100 highly trained IT professionals ready to solve your technical problems at a moment’s notice. Plus, with affordable fixed rates, you can count on great service without the hassle or expense of hiring full-time employees.

The PCS Difference — A Better Way of Supporting Your IT Network

From the moment you pick up the phone to contact us, you know PCS is a different type of IT support service. We staff our phones with live customer representatives who are ready to listen and help you with whatever problem you’re experiencing. We pride ourselves on being a customer service company that also happens to provide great IT support. Typically, you’ll have a live expert on the line within 30 seconds of calling.

What’s more, we never talk down to you or exasperate you with a bunch of overly technical jargon. We’re all about support, which means all our technical specialists are dedicated to listening and communicating in the most respectful, straightforward and productive manner possible.

With PCS, you never have to feel frustrated and confused by technical issues again. Instead, you get the confidence that can only come from knowing your IT network is being monitored and cared for by a first-class technical support company that still works with you as though it’s a small, personalized boutique firm.

PCS: The Quote Is Free. The Service Is Priceless.

With our fixed monthly rates, rapid response times and specialized IT services, you can rest assured your continuity and uptime are protected. What’s that worth to your business during its peak season? Plus, with access to advice regarding everything from cybersecurity to mobile device integrations, your business is always poised to grow without the worry of technical setbacks.

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