IT Services for Education

Thanks to advances in education technology, teachers and staff have numerous tools to use to spread knowledge. A professional IT service can help you get the most out of these resources by improving their security and efficiency. When you count on PCS for IT support, you can find a solution that fits your budget and enhances the learning experience.

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PCS IT Services for Schools and Universities

We offer a wide range of IT solutions for schools and other organizations, including:

  • Managed IT: Our ongoing IT support will allow you to maintain a smooth-running system so that your students can keep learning. We can handle your email, cloud storage and more to help everything operate at peak efficiency.
  • Project-based IT: Do you need extra help for one-time or occasional projects? Let our team assist with the installation or implementation of new systems or infrastructures.
  • Rapid response IT: Learning happens 24/7, and so should your IT support. When you request our emergency services, we can help you with sudden problems at any time and on any day.
  • Customized IT: Have another solution in mind or want a combination of the above services? We can create a contract that includes everything you need for your school’s IT.

Our IT specialists have expertise in a wide range of technologies used in education and other sectors. Ask us how we can use IT to improve the ways your students learn.

Benefits of IT Support for Your School

Many schools now rely on cloud storage and other online technologies to manage grading, educational materials, collaboration and more. Since learning can happen at any time and anywhere, students now benefit from access to education in a variety of places. An IT service can help you maintain the systems that let learning happen. They can keep your storage and platforms running so that everyone can contribute to the education experience.

Why Work With PCS for IT Assistance?

At PCS, we strive to give companies a better way to get IT support. Our customer-focused approach offers the following advantages over our competition:

  • We care about our customers and their students: Your team of IT experts will want to become the most helpful IT partners you hire. As they work with you over time, they’ll get to know your school and what they can do to help.
  • You’ll get fast customer service from a real human: The school day can bring many challenges, including sudden technology issues or new learning programs. Get in touch with our representatives when you need to get help from another person — not a robot.
  • Our team will earn your business every month: We’ll base our monthly fees on your IT needs and the way your school leverages technology. You agree to a short-term contract, and we’ll earn your business again and again instead of locking you into a long-term plan.

We give our partners IT that focuses on their needs and goals. Let’s collaborate on your IT strategy and create a plan that makes your school an even better place to learn.

Choose PCS for IT Services for Your University or School

Ready to create an IT service plan that enhances your learning environment? Leave it to us. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time with our online contact form. You can also give us a call at 877-596-4446.