Fox News with Anthony Mongeluzo – Conficker Virus Update

Important tips to help you stay protected from the Conficker Virus:

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1. Make sure your antivirus software is properly installed and up to date.

Your computer can be infected by another infected computer located on the same network, via a infected USB drive, or through unpatched security flaws in Microsoft Windows. Because the virus can infect your system via different methods your first line of defense is your antivirus software. PCS recommends AVG Antivirus, however solutions from Norton and McAfee will also be effective in stopping the virus in its tracks. 

2. Make sure you have applied all of the Critical Windows Updates available for your system.

One of the methods Conficker uses to infect computers is via unpatched security flaws within Microsoft Windows. Make sure you visit Windows Update and install all of the Critical Updates available for your system.

3. If you are a company owner make sure your IT staff has taken steps to protect your corporate network.

Microsoft has created a list of tips that can be used to stop the virus from spreading within your internal corporate network. Forward this link to your IT Administrator to make sure he is prepared.

4. If your Antivirus Software or Windows Update isn't working you might already be infected.

Conficker.C disables antivirus software and Windows Update in an attempt to prevent you from removing the virus. If your machine is infected it will have to be cleaned manually by an experienced technician. 

5. If you believe you may be infected.

McAfee has released a tool specifically designed to remove Conficker.

Download McAfee Conficker Removal Tool

General Information about Conficker

  • A computer with all Windows Updates is still susceptible to Conficker.C. The security patch released a few months ago by Microsoft only prevents against one form of infection.
  • Most Antivirus applications are unable to remove Conficker. One the machine is infected the machine will need to be cleaned by a professional or cleaned using a Conficker specific removal tool as the virus stops Antivirus applications from running and disables Window's System Restore functionality.
  • On April 1st the virus will release its 'payload.' Nobody knows what exactly it is going to do on April 1st so it is important to make sure your machine is safe now.
  • Millions of PCs are already infected by Conficker. 
View Video:
3.26.09 Fox News YouTube – High Definition
3.31.09 Fox News YouTube – High Definition