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Why It’s Dangerous To Answer “Fun” Questions On Social Media!

DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING YOU DON’T KNOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Facebook has been one of the most guilty social media sites to lead hackers into finding out security questions.  Having access to these answers can lead hackers to obtaining information, such as bank accounts and important data within your systems. We’re here to help you […]

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device — Good or Bad?

Every day, we see the implementation of new policies that can enhance the working process, benefiting both employees and employers. For example, a phenomenon in recent years has been remote work. In that same vein, some companies have started allowing workers to bring their own computers, smartphones and other electronic equipment to work, otherwise known […]

Important Updates From The Apple Announcement: macOS Monterey Version

Monday’s Apple Announcement On The New macOS Software Update Apple’s newest software update announcement featured the new macOS Monterey update! Here is a quick review of the important information given and the privacy settings featured. Privacy Settings Privacy and keeping all your information secured is the most important with technology today.   Apple continues to keep […]

Important Updates From The Apple Announcement: iOS 15 Version

Apple Announcement on Monday, June 7 Has Really Changed The Game With iOS 15! Apple’s new announcements on all their latest software updates exceeded the expectations. We’re here to tell you all the newest important updates and what that means for your privacy for iOS 15! iOS 15 and Privacy Features Apple has taken the […]

Amazon Sidewalk And What This Means For Your Connection

Amazon Sidewalk … How Does It Work And What Does This Mean For Your Connection Starting June 8, Amazon’s smart devices will automatically be linked together all across the U.S. as a part of their Amazon Sidewalk network. We’re here to tell you what happens when it launches and what this means for you and your […]

How To Keep Your Email and Data Safe and Secured

Cyber Crime Has Jumped By 55% In The Past Two Years And Most Is From Email Scams. Keep Your Email Safe! Within the past two years, we have seen the number of data breaches increase significantly because of hackers being more creative about how to attack businesses. Cybercrime is on the rise as hackers continue […]

Why Is Upgrading To Windows 10 Important?

Upgrading To Windows 10 Is More Important Than You Think! When you think of major changes to Windows, you remember that colorful logo, how easy it is to navigate something you’ve had for years, and how comfortable you are with the software itself. But, have you thought about what you could be missing if you […]

The Dangers of Direct RDP Access!

Direct RDP Access Used To Be So Common That Now It’s Become More Dangerous. Did you grow up leaving your doors unlocked and your cars unlocked? I bet you didn’t have to worry about intruders coming in. Come to think of it, I don’t think I see it anymore. Direct RDP access is just leaving […]

How Often Should You Change Your Passwords?!

KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS UPDATED AND SECURED! When you create a password, you often find something that not only you can remember, but you are also add different characters to make them safe.  From one special character, to at least 6 characters with one capital letter and a number, it can sometimes drive you NUTS on […]