How Often Should You Change Your Passwords?!

KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS UPDATED AND SECURED! When you create a password, you often find something that not only you can remember, but you are also add different characters to make them safe.  From one special character, to at least 6 characters with one capital letter and a number, it can sometimes drive you NUTS on […]

Image VS File-Based Backups … The Great Debate!

Image-based backups VS file based back-ups are tricky.  Knowing when you should use which is even harder. Knowing what is best for you comes down to what kind of information you are looking to save and back-up. Let’s go over the difference and what would be best for you and your company. The main question […]

Cyber Training … Why Is It Important?

Cyber security is one of the most important things in today’s technology world.  From data breaches to just taking someone’s banking information, hackers are now being more creative with their tactics. But, there are plenty of ways to always stay alert so you can keep on top of any security threat. Cyber Security Training You […]

Keep Your Passwords Safe and Your Information Safer!

How can you save your passwords and still keep your information safe?! Password safety is something that is only mentioned when you want a strong password that is more than 8 characters, has at least one number, and has a special character in it.  Nothing that will be too obviously like “password1!”  that you use […]

Keep Your Information Safe From Hackers!

We always try to make it harder for hackers to get into our information. Hackers don’t want to work too hard to get information. There’s a few different things that can help keep your data safe and protected, but one easy way to do it is  … Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication […]

Don’t Know How To Protect Your Company’s Data?

Data is one of the most important assets that your company has and needs your attention. Having cloud connections can ensure the security of primary or additional backups in a cloud repository may be not enough to ensure data security for you. The backed-up data may become unavailable because of a malicious attack or unintentional action […]

Don’t Know How To Tell If It’s A Phishing Scam? Cyber Training Will Help!

Phishing scams can be hard to recognize if you don’t know what you are looking for. Email scams are the most common.  Clicking on a link within the email could compromise all your information AND your companies. But, there’s always a way to help you and your employees understand what phishing scams look like and […]

Enhance Your Cyber Security!

Technology is a huge part of today’s society! Smaller business are not flying under the radar anymore. Smaller businesses are actually targeted MORE because they are usually less protected than larger companies, making it an easier way to scam.  Hackers now are finding new and innovated ways to bypass these systems and invade SMB networks. […]

IT Help Straight To Your Door!

20 years ago, a college kid helped out his next door neighbor with a computer issue.  After that day, PCS was born. PCS started off residentially by providing affordable skilled IT support throughout the area.  As time progressed, PCS moved on to the commercial end of IT.  Now, with the need greater than ever for […]