At Risk For Phishing Emails Throughout Your Business?


Do you get those risky phishing emails and want to protect your business data?

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There are approximately 15 billion spam emails sent daily. Out of those emails, 30% of them are phishing emails that have been opened and links have already been clicked. In total, there has been over $12 billion have been lost to phishing and account takeovers. But now, there is something that will help you and your business from unwanted emails and keeping your business safe!

Sentinel, powered by Barracuda.  Sentinel is an AI-based protection that helps with phishing and account takeovers.  This helps with your emailing and helping your company stay protected and risk any attackers getting into your data. We can protect your business from these personalized attacks in real time, with zero impact on network performance. Let’s go over a few different things that Sentinel has in stored for you.

Protection Against Account Takeover and Insider Risk

Barracuda Sentinel’s comprehensive solution to account takeover includes three components: prevention, detection, and remediation. It prevents targeted phishing attacks that bypass traditional email gateways and can lead to collecting credentials. If an account has been compromised, it detects the bizarre behavior and alerts PCS. Finally, it can remediate the attack by removing all of the vicious emails sent by the compromised account from within employee mailboxes with one click.

Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense

At the core of Barracuda Sentinel is the AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing attacks in real time and identifies the employees inside an organization who are at the highest risk of spear phishing. Keeping ahead of the attackers will keep your business and data safe. Barracuda Sentinel uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn your communication patterns and identifies abnormalities in metadata and content.  Sentinel combines this messaging intelligence to determine whether a certain email is part of a spear phishing attack. If it is, Barracuda Sentinel quarantines the attacks in real time and alerts the user.

Specialty Fraud Visibility and Protection

DMARC is a protocol that allows PCS to monitor emails sent from your domain. Once DMARC is properly setup, Barracuda Sentinel offers visibility and analysis to help ensure deliverability of real email traffic and prevent unauthorized activity such as spoofed emails.

Everyone is a target for today’s trickiest threats. Why keep your company at risk any longer? There’s a solutions to the problem, and that is Sentinel powered by Barracuda!

Let us help you get on the right track to making your company more secure by integrating Barracuda Sentinel to your Office 365 account! Contact PCS today.