Active Directory Services

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Your organization needs a safe way to connect and share information. You need a protected way to manage tasks and access data that’s effective but easy to use. Our Active Directory Services put you in control of a domain that authenticates and authorizes users and computers in a network. Information like user accounts, names, passwords, and phone numbers are stored, enabling other authorized users on the same network access. This makes it easy for the administrators in your business to access information when they need it.

Active Directory also includes:

  • The Schema that defines, limits, and formats information.
  • A Global Catalog that keeps track of everything in the directory.
  • A Query/Index Mechanism that makes it easy to find users or applications.
  • A Replication Service the effectively distributes directory data.

PCS can help implement Active Directory Services into your business operation. We’re a team of industry experts trained to setup this service that will benefit you and your day-to-day tasks. We’ll also educate your team members as to the best ways they can effectively utilize this service.

Streamline the way your company protects information with a service that makes life easier. Let PCS empower your business. Contact us today.