Don’t Know How To Tell If It’s A Phishing Scam? Cyber Training Will Help!

Phishing scams can be hard to recognize if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Email scams are the most common.  Clicking on a link within the email could compromise all your information AND your companies. But, there’s always a way to help you and your employees understand what phishing scams look like and how to prevent them.

Barracuda has come up with a solution to keep business owners and employees safe by having them understand what a phishing scam looks like.  We want to help you and help you protect yourselves from a data breach.  Not only is this good for companies, but this is good for anyone! Phishing scams don’t only happen in a business, it happens every day through your own personal emails as well. Well … Here’s your solution!.

Barracuda PhishLine

Barracuda PhishLine is the awareness training that is needed to help recognize and be aware of phishing scams. Simplifying security awareness allows everyone to understand what to look for in an email to determine what is real and what is a phishing trap.


Here are some ways Barracuda PhishLine educates:


Simulate email threats

Select from hundreds of real-world threat templates, taken directly from Barracuda’s massive threat database, and expose your users to the latest email threat types.  It will go over the top 13 email threats you typically will see and you will learn ways to fight them.

Analyze user behavior.

Receive detailed marks on user behavior to assess your security risks and suggest your training approach. PhishLine captures thousands of data points to give you deeper and more useful insights into exactly where your risks exist so you can precisely target your awareness programs.

Educate to mitigate risk.

Choose from a large variety of engaging training content, designed to meet your needs.


Cyber training sounds better than you think, doesn’t it?

Having these resources helps keeps users aware as well as having companies safe. While keeping your company safe, you also need to think about your users.  The more aware your users are, the better the security is!

Adding the additional cyber training to your cyber security will only help benefit yourself and your users.  Cyber training can also help with personal life and allowing your users to go home and keep those lessons in their mind as they read their own personal emails.

Barracuda PhishLine gives you the option to create a completely customized program or opt for the Quick Launch process to get an awareness campaign up and running in under a minute.

Barracuda offers a complete, multi-layered email security solution that combines email awareness training, email security gateway functions, and API-based inbox defense. Total Email Protection eliminates the integration and support aggravation that typically come along with multi-vendor solutions.

Barracuda PhishLine offers so much education without the hassle of trying to find the right one.

Don’t wait. Make sure you’re getting your cyber training!

For more information or wanting to get started on your cyber training, contact PCS today!

Enhance Your Cyber Security!

Technology is a huge part of today’s society!

Smaller business are not flying under the radar anymore.

Smaller businesses are actually targeted MORE because they are usually less protected than larger companies, making it an easier way to scam.  Hackers now are finding new and innovated ways to bypass these systems and invade SMB networks.

With having all your information with just a click of a mouse, it can be difficult to keep all your important information hidden. Hackers THRIVE on that.

Everyone talks about different antiviruses and cyber safety, but everyone needs that extra protection to make sure their information is not being compromised throughout the process!

We are here to show you a strong and effective way to save your data and help protect your company against hackers.

Huntress is the company that is one step ahead of the hackers!  Traditional IT security tools like antivirus and firewalls are more focused on prevention.  If a hacker breaks down that front door (antivirus/firewall), they don’t have to worry about any other security issues and can get any information needed. Antivirus tools are no longer enough for these horrible attacks and it’s time to take charge of your information.  Huntress is the key!

To protect clients, Huntress offers a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution as part of their security service. It is an additional protective layer that specifically looks at hidden threats and silent indicators of compromise that other tools miss.

This is how MDR Works:

With Antivirus and Managed Detection and Response, you will have all your ground covered and your company will continue to stay safe.


Hackers have upgraded their systems. It’s time to upgrade yours!


Contact PCS for more information about Huntress!

IT Help Straight To Your Door!

20 years ago, a college kid helped out his next door neighbor with a computer issue. 

After that day, PCS was born.

PCS started off residentially by providing affordable skilled IT support throughout the area.  As time progressed, PCS moved on to the commercial end of IT.  Now, with the need greater than ever for affordable, reliable, skilled support, PCS At Home is Reborn!

PCS At Home has skilled techs coming out to your home whenever an issue occurs.  With our excellent customer service and our dedication to the community, finding IT help for your home shouldn’t be stressful.  You don’t think all that shouldn’t be in one sentence? Because we do!


PCS At Home offers a wide variety of services that any home would need help with.  Our talented and skilled techs can be there when you need it.




We’re here to help make your life easier even during a stressful situation.

For more information or if you need help with any technical issues in your home, you can contact PCS at or by calling 856-291-6656.

Spear Phishing VS Phishing … How To Prevent From Being Attacked

We all have heard of the term “Spear Phishing” and just assume that it is the same thing as just phishing.  It is in the similar category, but it is in fact a different form of phishing that exceeds the broad range of cyber attacks.

Let’s take this image and use it as a metaphor to help better understand the terms.

When you are fishing and you aren’t targeting on one particular fish, you are open to a broad range of different fish and aren’t specific on what you catch.  You use your basic line and hook to see what you catch in the heat of the moment.

When you are out spear fishing, you want a particular fish and the spear targets the exact fish you are looking for and can reel it in.  You do research on your specific fish you are looking for and get all the right equipment together.  when you see it and the time is right, you go right for it and attack.


Phishing is using a broad-stroke approach that involves sending bulk emails to massive lists of unsuspecting contacts.  Phishing doesn’t aim for a specific target, but hopes that a target will just go in and fall for the bait they lie within the email.

Spear Phishing is targeted and personalized to a specific individual, group, or organization. They send emails to specific and well-researched targets while acting to be a trusted sender. The goal is to either infect devices with malware or convince their victims to hand over information or money.

What can you do to prevent spear phishing or any form of phishing?

Cybir supports Ironscales (a self-learning email security platform to stop phishing attacks) to deliver an advanced email security platform with machine learning capabilities.  Cybir implements regular testing of employee security awareness via phishing campaigns.

Cybir has a few different jobs that will help keep you and your business safe against spear phishing threats:

  • Responding to all alerts raised within the platform
  • Verifying all mailboxes within Client organization receive necessary protection coverage
  • Creation and deployment of phishing campaigns on a monthly basis
  • Creation of reports to Client detailing results of phishing campaigns
  • Work with Client to schedule and deploy learning modules to end users
  • Review and respond to all alerts and suspicious activity within the platform
  • Review and respond to all email submitted for review by end user


Cybir offers key features to keep users safe of any acts of phishing within the company. With the jobs they have while incorporating their key features. it has the extra protection that can save the company from experiencing a data breach and losing any valuable information.

Spear phishing attacks a particular person and/or company.  Be careful on emails that you are being sent and watch out for the email addresses that are attached to the email.  Make sure to let your IT company know so they can further investigate the issue, but having more backup that can go on after hours is helpful for these kinds of scams.  Get to the root of the problem before the problem gets to you!

For more information or to continue keeping your business safe, contact PCS by phone or by emailing

What Happens If Your Business Experiences A Breach?

“My business is experiencing a breach!”

This statement is something you NEVER want to hear.  But, there is a solution to avoid even thinking about it and we’re here to tell you about it.

The Critical Incident Response Team is here and ready to take on all your emergency IT needs.

Emergency IT help should be no more than a piece of mind.

Usually those two things don’t go together in one sentence.  Here at PCS, we provide live 24/7 help for you and your business so there is no waiting!

The Rapid Response Field Service comes with a variety of features that you will love.


support staff working on his computer

All solutions are 100% customizable with no lengthy contracts. With PCS, you get the attention and service you require. This means you never get stuck paying for something you don’t need or being talked into a lengthy agreement for services you’ll never use. Instead, PCS gives you the attention and service you require. That’s why you’re never locked into a contract with PCS.

We provide Remote Monitoring and 24/7 Remote Support.  You should be able to sleep knowing that your servers are always up and running. We catch the issue before it even occurs.   For a fixed and affordable monthly rate, PCS can perform remote monitoring of your network, hardware and software so you have the advantage of being proactive instead of reactive to IT issues.

When you have a question or feel like we missed something, we are ready to respond whenever you have an issue.  At PCS, we know that issues don’t only occur during business hours, but at the most inconvenient times.  Our well-trained IT consultants are ready day and night to respond to all your needs. Don’t wait until business hours to try to solve your problems, it’ll be too late! PCS is here for you.

Convenience is key and we’re here to provide!

For more information or need assistance, you may reach us at our website or by emailing

At Risk For Phishing Emails Throughout Your Business?


Do you get those risky phishing emails and want to protect your business data?

We’re here to help!

phishing scams

There are approximately 15 billion spam emails sent daily. Out of those emails, 30% of them are phishing emails that have been opened and links have already been clicked. In total, there has been over $12 billion have been lost to phishing and account takeovers. But now, there is something that will help you and your business from unwanted emails and keeping your business safe!

Sentinel, powered by Barracuda.  Sentinel is an AI-based protection that helps with phishing and account takeovers.  This helps with your emailing and helping your company stay protected and risk any attackers getting into your data. We can protect your business from these personalized attacks in real time, with zero impact on network performance. Let’s go over a few different things that Sentinel has in stored for you.

Protection Against Account Takeover and Insider Risk

Barracuda Sentinel’s comprehensive solution to account takeover includes three components: prevention, detection, and remediation. It prevents targeted phishing attacks that bypass traditional email gateways and can lead to collecting credentials. If an account has been compromised, it detects the bizarre behavior and alerts PCS. Finally, it can remediate the attack by removing all of the vicious emails sent by the compromised account from within employee mailboxes with one click.

Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense

At the core of Barracuda Sentinel is the AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing attacks in real time and identifies the employees inside an organization who are at the highest risk of spear phishing. Keeping ahead of the attackers will keep your business and data safe. Barracuda Sentinel uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn your communication patterns and identifies abnormalities in metadata and content.  Sentinel combines this messaging intelligence to determine whether a certain email is part of a spear phishing attack. If it is, Barracuda Sentinel quarantines the attacks in real time and alerts the user.

Specialty Fraud Visibility and Protection

DMARC is a protocol that allows PCS to monitor emails sent from your domain. Once DMARC is properly setup, Barracuda Sentinel offers visibility and analysis to help ensure deliverability of real email traffic and prevent unauthorized activity such as spoofed emails.

Everyone is a target for today’s trickiest threats. Why keep your company at risk any longer? There’s a solutions to the problem, and that is Sentinel powered by Barracuda!

Let us help you get on the right track to making your company more secure by integrating Barracuda Sentinel to your Office 365 account! Contact PCS today.