Case Study: Manufacturer IT Solutions

An IT Meltdown — Literally

We often use the word “meltdown” to indicate a lack of control, but seldom do we witness it in real life, especially in the IT world. But a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of plastic components for the food industry had a “real life” meltdown when IT issues arose, culminating in the mountings to their storage system overheating, crashing their entire network. It was a critical problem that occurred at their corporate headquarters but affected several operating plants in different states.

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The meltdown resulted in a two-day loss of manufacturing for the plants before the company could restore their IT network.

“That was a huge loss of time, money, workers hours and delivery schedule because of the failure,” said Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS CEO and president. “They had a full-time administrator on staff, but the complexity of the problem, the replacement of physical infrastructure and the extra technicians that could have sped up the restoration process was lacking. It’s easy to say, ‘all hands on deck,’ but if no one has the specific skill set necessary, you need more than willingness before you can return to normal operations.”

After that painful episode, the manufacturing company brought in PCS to evaluate their IT environment. PCS implemented an initial upgrade and a complete overhaul of their infrastructure that would result in a large virtualization project.

The manufacturer was so pleased with the results that they called PCS in to help integrate their IT network with a newly acquired printing company.

“Acquisitions of companies that might be using a different platform for their IT can be devilishly difficult,” Mongeluzo said. “Some of the secret lies in the prep work before you go live, but you don’t want a team handling it that’s never done it before. There are dozens of ways to go wrong before you flip that final switch.”

The integration went off smoothly, and the manufacturer decided to add a full-time PCS technician stationed at the corporate offices.

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Case Study: Law Firm IT

A Frantic Phone Call … PCS to the Rescue

A True Story


It was a warm, late afternoon in May when the call came in after business hours. “Our entire computer system is down, our tech can’t fix it, and someone said you could handle the job,” said the shaky voice on the phone. “Can you fix it?”

Any time your IT system fails, it’s a major problem, whether you’re a company of one or a thousand. This was a major league problem. The caller was a partner at a national law firm with more than 500 lawyers, who recognized that their billings, impending deadlines and obligations were in jeopardy if they were not online the next morning.

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PCS immediately dispatched two of its best technicians to the law firm in Philadelphia, arriving in less than an hour. Back at PCS headquarters, two other technicians — working remotely — stood by, poised to help.

The infrastructure had a “heart attack” because their virtualized environment crashed, said a PCS technician on the rescue team. “We had to stabilize the system, create some desktop support and completely reconfigure their network,” he said.

One lawyer, who watched the PCS duo working on the system, walked over and said: “Do you have any idea how many billable hours we’re going to lose if you don’t get this up and running?” The technician responded with a shoulder shrug and said: “We’ll fix it.”

“It was a perfect storm, which no one anticipates until you’re in it,” said Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS’s CEO and president. “The law firm had gotten comfortable with the system, and they let a few IT people go. The only person on deck was a junior administrator, who lacked the expertise, experience and the crisis checklist to handle a true IT emergency. They turned to another outside IT vendor for help. The vendor knew the depth of the problem and the need for speed were beyond them. They recommended PCS.”

Before midnight, the PCS team was able to resurrect the network and IT system. Before the lawyers returned to their desks the next day, there was no trace of the problem, and they didn’t lose a billable minute. PCS provided new, detailed recommendations on how to prevent a repeat. Within a few months, the law firm turned over their entire IT function to PCS.

“It was a happy ending for the law firm,” said Mongeluzo. “When I got the call thanking me, I said, ‘It’s what we do.’”

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